Yes, America’s Economic Foundation Is DOMESTIC ENERGY!


Dave Harbour

We can easily imagine the poverty and adversity that would befall North America should a Bernie-style socialist become the Commander in Chief.

Remember the plague of regulations and political obstacles the Obama administration created to inhibit energy exploration, production and distribution?  With a proclaimed socialist president in power, our energy strength could be decemated during just one presidential term with the rest of the economic cards falling into the collapsed foundation.

For proof, just look to the destruction of capitalism that has occurred in Cuba and Venezuela.  It is horrifying and tragic beyond description.  We’ve given Venezuelan samples herein over the years.  We’ve also shown the UN admitting that the ‘climate change hoax’ is not about the environment; it is about killing capitalism.

Below is a recent report on the joys of Cuban socialism.

American young voters: we older ones beg you to wake up and listen to the wisdom and recall the courage of your ancestors who identified, opposed, fought and died to keep America free of Nazi, North Korean, Chinese, Soviet, Venezuelan and Cuban style socialism.

Lest We Forget!