Senator Hollis French – Alaska Legislature – Press Release 1/05/12 – BP Withholds Oil Pipeline Evidence, Credibility in Oil Tax Debate Questioned

"BP got caught in a vice.  On the one hand – in state court – it wanted to argue that the pipeline would shut down at 300,000 barrels per day, because the higher the number, the lower their property taxes.  But on the other hand – to the SEC – BP used a much lower number, 135,000 bpd, because the lower the number, the bigger their reserves on the Slope become, and the more valuable their stock is," said Senator French.


Vancouver Sun: Vivian KrauseForeign funding skews oil debate

The problem that I see with the foreign funding is that it is skewing the public debate because the American foundations are playing favourites, supporting only the Canadians whose position aligns with American interests.


Winnipeg Free Press: Lauren KrugelLNG option better than Alberta route for Alaska pipeline, consultant says

CALGARY – Shipping Alaska natural gas overseas in liquid form would be more lucrative than feeding it into the North American market, but it’s not necessarily what the company proposing to build an Alaska pipeline wants, an energy consultant said Friday.


Petroleum NewsKay Cashman – Week of Jan 8, 2012 – Oil Patch Insider: Much ado about LNG, Point Thompson at Jan 5 meeting with BP, Conoco, Exxon chiefs

Although there was no alignment on LNG announced at the event, it was the first time since the passage of the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act that the three gas owners publicly admitted they were taking a close look at moving North Slope gas to tidewater in Southcentral Alaska for export as LNG to Asia.