WE URGE READERS WHO HAVE AN INTEREST IN HYDRAULIC FRACTURING IN ALASKA TO WEIGH IN NOW ON PROPOSED REGULATIONS, OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE….The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) proposes changes to Title 20, Chapter 25 of the Alaska Administrative Code, with regard to hydraulic fracturing.  Specifically, the AOGCC proposes to amend 20 AAC 25.005, 20 AAC 25.280 and 20 AAC 25.990 and add a new section, 20 AAC 25.283, in order to define hydraulic fracturing, require notice to nearby owners and operators prior to commencement of hydraulic fracturing, require water sampling and analysis, require disclosure of hydraulic fracturing fluids, increase wellbore integrity and assure containment of hydraulic fracturing fluids:

The AOGCC proposes to add regulations governing hydraulic fracturing applications, operations, and reporting regulations, including requirements for:
1.       notification of landowners, surface owners, and operators within one-quarter mile of the               wellbore trajectory;
2.       pre and post hydraulic fracturing water well water sampling and analysis;
3.       disclosure of the chemical makeup of hydraulic fracturing fluids;
4.       wellbore integrity;
5.       containment of hydraulic fracturing fluids;
6.       casing and cementing; and
7.       disclosure of the intent to use a well for hydraulic fracturing on an application for a permit to drill.