CALGARY HERALD BY ALEXANDER PANETTA, CP — A reference to the Keystone XL pipeline was chopped from Hillary Clinton’s memoir due to political considerations, according to the Image result for keystone xllatest batch of stolen emails posted Thursday on Wikileaks.

While writing the book Hard Choices, Clinton initially included a reference to the pipeline at the urging of her daughter, Chelsea, according to a 2014 email purportedly sent to her current campaign chair John Podesta.

“She decided to write about Keystone because her daughter suggested that it would be a glaring omission and look like an even worse dodge if she left it out,” said the note from Clinton speechwriter Dan Schwerin.

The note said the passage was crafted with some help from Podesta, then edited by Bill and Hillary Clinton. The ill-fated phrases referred to Keystone XL as a tough choice amid the transition to a clean-energy economy. They concluded with Clinton refraining to take sides, out of respect for her successor John Kerry, who led the project review as Secretary of State.

Her book editor apparently wanted the section dropped — because it read like a political dodge.

Schwerin wrote: “(Editor Jonathan Karp says) it ‘reads like you’re punting on an issue….  (Read more)

The FBI has discovered new emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server and has reopened its investigation.

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