Thought of the day: “Alaska’s government-sponsored LNG project need not contend (directly) with Panama Canal issues.  But Alaska faces similar project risks.  Do Alaskan citizens want their government’s ‘go it alone LNG project’ to be subject to enormous project risks?  Do Alaskans want, as their government LNG project proposes, to commit 25% cash/royalty gas equity to a risky, $40-60 billion venture?  Is the risk worth the reward?  Do citizens even know how much the reward will be?”  -dh

Gulf of Mexico LNG Shippers Have a $45000-a-Day ProblemOil & Gas 360

Panama Canal expansion map – canal bottlenecks still hold up LNG shipments.

Dealing with costly delays in getting tankers through the Panama Canal may slow down U.S. LNG shipments, according to Octavio Simoes, president of LNG export terminal developer Sempra LNG & Midstream. Bloomberg reported that Simoes calculated that every day a cargo is held up at the canal can cost a trader $45,000. Simoes was speaking at Energy Dialogues LLC’s North American Gas Forum in Washington.

More than one-third of ships are running up against delays in…

The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. plans to submit the project for FERC approval and forge ahead. Gov. Bill Walker and AGDC executives have ….

Progress Energy selling Alberta assets, but not abandoning Canada: spokeswoman

Calgary Herald… energy company’s subsidiary, Calgary-based Progress Energy Canada Ltd., has hired the bank to sell oil and gas drilling rights, wells, pipelines and….

NEWSCanadian subsidiary of Petronas selling Alberta oil and gas

Canadian subsidiary of Petronas selling Alberta oil and gas assets … has put a large package of its oil and gas assets in Alberta up for sale. (CBC) … Petronas has put a massive package of oil and gas assets in Alberta on the … oil and gasdrilling rights, wells, pipelines and three gas processing plants ….