Red Deer, Alta. — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney outlined on Saturday the mandate for a new panel that will study what the province should demand as a “fair deal for Alberta” in Confederation, including looking at ways that will take back provincial powers that have been ceded to Ottawa.   …   “We’ve had it with Ottawa’s indifference to this adversity. Albertans have been working for Ottawa for too long, it’s time for Ottawa to start working for us,” Kenney declared in his speech to the Alberta Manning Networking Conference.  …  In his speech, Kenney went through the troubled times in Alberta, arguing the major economic crisis in Alberta right now can’t simply be blamed on lower oil prices, or shale booms in North Dakota or other global factors. Rather, he lambasted the Liberal government’s “record of assaults” on Alberta, such as through over-regulation and its ambivalence about the province’s oil and gas economy, which have driven investment out of the province, seeking more hospitable jurisdictions such as the U.S.   …   “It’s not about prices, it’s about policy,” Kenney declared.  He pointed to the effect of the downturn on the people of the province: the exploding opioid crisis, rising crime and violence, rampant bankruptcies, and the increase in the rate of suicide as hopelessness spreads.  “The human cost of all of this is very real,” Kenney said. “This iterally is for many people a life and death question.”   Kenney said Alberta is well on its way to becoming “the most responsible barrel of oil produced in the world.”  “We will be the most desirable last barrel available to global energy markets,” Kenney said….