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Dan Fagan
Our Commentary.  Dan Fagan’s (NGP Photo) world class video documentary Dan Fagan, Alaska Under Siege, Federal overreach, NPR-A, Alaska Statehood Compact, Lisa Murkowski, Commissioner Dan Sullivan, Sean Parnell, Wally Hickel, Clem Tillion, John Binkley, Charisse Millett, Irene Ryan, Mead Treadwell, EPA, Salazar Ken, Interior Department, BLM, Alaska Statehood Act, Photo by Dave Harbour, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Alaska Native, Alaska jobs, Last Frontier, 49th State, Chukchi Sea, OCS, Shell Oil, leasing policy, oil leases, timber industry, tongassshould be required viewing for every Alaska citizen, member of Congress, every federal official dealing with Alaska energy and natural resource issues and our Canadian readers desiring to better understand their westerly, Northern cousin.
Part one of the series introduces the concept of federal overreaching jurisdiction in Alaska, the application of the federal ‘iron fist’ and how it is successfully clouding the potential, bright future of Alaska (and America).   This part begins with the 1959 ‘Statehood Compact’, the promises made and broken, and concludes by documenting the Interior Department’s effort in late 2012 to close off half of America’s National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska to petroleum production.   
For a more complete understanding of Alaska’s suffering under the heavy hand of the Federal Government, see the historical, Broken Promises, Part I, Part II, and Part III, featuring Governor Walter J. Hickel.

Part two deals with the malfeasance, economic damage to the country and hypocrisy of federal government agencies. 

Part three deals with EPA’s overreaching grab for jurisdiction of state land mining activity, and the environmental-governmental cabal that terminated Alaska’s vibrant, responsible timber industry and the 20,000 jobs and economic activity that accompanied it.  
Interviews and video clips feature the EPA Administrator, Alaska’s Governors, Lieutenant Governor, State Legislators, U.S. Senators, Commissioner of Natural Resources, Alaska Native leaders, environmental advocates and business representatives.  
“The Dan Fagan Show” was televised throughout Alaska from 6AM to 9AM  on Fox-4 KTBY, Channel 645 in high definition, and video streamed globally on the Dan Fagan Show Facebook page.  Regrettably, Fagan left the state shortly after this production was released.    -dh 2-14-14