Associated Press by VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV.  Expanding Russia's military presence in the Arctic region is among the top priorities for the nation's armed forces, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday….  Vancouver Sun.  Russian President Vladimir Putin is pawing the snow over Canada's claim to the North Pole.  A day after Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird confirmed Canada is extending its Arctic territorial claim beyond the area mapped by federal scientists, Putin responded with a highly visible message to the Russian military.

Michael Whatley, Consumer Energy Alliance, CEA, Keystone, Podesta, CAP, Center for American Progress, Photo by Dave HarbourPodesta's arrival shouldn't equate to Keystone's death knell, said Michael Whatley (NGP Photo), executive vice president of the Consumer Energy Alliance, a collection of oil and energy-consuming businesses.  “Doesn't change one thing. The Keystone XL pipeline is still in the country's interest," he said….

Washington Examiner, by Zack Colman.  President Obama's appointment of Democratic adviser John Podesta, an opponent of the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline, to the White House could foretell a rejection of the controversial Canada-to-Texas pipeline, environmental groups said Tuesday.  Podesta, former President Bill Clinton's chief of staff and the man who headed Obama's transition team, is leaving the top post of the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank, for a new White House role focusing on climate change.  … "If one was reading the tea leaves from a distance, this seems like a very good sign," said Jamie Henn, spokesman with climate advocacy group … Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, applauded the appointment, noting that Podesta "knows the danger of our reliance on dirty fuels like tar sands."  …  But Keystone opponents shouldn't be chalking up a victory, despite Podesta's personal leanings on the project, said Daniel J. Weiss, who leads the energy and climate program at the Center for American Progress….