12-11-18 Alaska’s Russian Neighbor On The Other Side Of The Arctic Ocean Is Now Exporting LNG

All About Yamal, Alaska & Competitors

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy

Our consistent opinion throughout these pages is that government undertakes a fool’s errand when it shifts its focus from its basic safety & management functions to other shiny objects outside its Constitutional authority.

A $40-60 billion Arctic gas/LNG project is challenge enough for several of the largest oil company risk takers in the world.  But trying to own and control such a project — as Alaska’s previous governor tried to do — is far, far beyond the responsibility, capability and province of TEMPORARILY ELECTED AND APPOINTED POLITICIANS AND BUREAUCRATS.

The whole spectacle looks even more ludicrous when one observes that the world’s great oil & gas companies do not consider the project to yet be feasible.  Alaska will continue to see other LNG projects developed, permitted and operated until it comes to its senses and returns the gambling gambit of the risky oil and gas business to the private sector.   We believe the majority of Alaskans and their political representatives now understand the foolhardiness of having government trying to run a world class energy operation while the state sinks deeper into deficits, lawlessness, unemployment, out-migration and entitlement death-spiral and failing educational systems for its children.

We are confident that Alaska’s popular new Governor (Photo) can and will focus on his office’s primary role, repairing and then running a sustainable, secure government efficiently.  -dh

Yamal LNG begins Train 3 exports

Yamal Peninsula

PAO Novatek has begun LNG exports from Train 3 of its Yamal LNG plant in Russia, reaching the site’s planned full capacity of 16.5 million tonnes/year. Novatek said it completed work on the 5.5-million tpy third train more than a year ahead of schedule. An additional 900,000-tpy train is under construction with startup planned for early 2020.

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Dave Harbour, publisher of Northern Gas Pipelines, is a former Chairman of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, a Commissioner Emeritus of NARUC, NARUC's Official Representative to IOGCC and Vice Chairman of NARUC's Gas Committee. He served as Gas Committee Chairman of the Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners. He also served as commissioner of the Anchorage Bicentennial Commission and the Anchorage Heritage Land Bank Commission.He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree: English, at Colorado State University, a Master of Science Degree: Communications-Journalism at Murray State University and graduated from Utility Regulatory School for Commissioners at Michigan State University. He served as a Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs at Alaska Pacific University, taught bank marketing classes at the University of Alaska and was an English teacher at Los Alamos High School.Harbour served in ranks of Private - Captain during a 4-year assignment with the Army in Korea, Idaho, Georgia and Fort Meade and received the Meritorious Service Medal among other commendations.Harbour is also a past Chairman of the Alaska Council on Economic Education, the Alaska Oil & Gas Association Government Affairs Committee, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, the Export Council of Alaska and the Department of Commerce's District Export Council. He is a past President of the Alaska Press Club, American Bald Eagle Foundation, Consumer Energy Alliance-Alaska and Common Sense for Alaska.Harbour was instrumental in founding the American Bald Eagle Research Institute (UAS), the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, the Downtown Anchorage Business Partnership, and Arctic Power.He also served as CEO of several small Alaska organizations, including the Anchorage Parking Authority and Action Security, Inc. Harbour is also Chairman Emeritus of the Alaska Oil & Gas Congress.Harbour's wife, Nancy, is a professional, performing arts administrator and his three boys, Todd, Benjamin and William work in the fields of environmental management, energy marketing and medicine.