ADN Guest Editorial by Lynn Johnson (NGP Photo).  A state Lynn Johnson, Make Alaska Competitive, ADN, Alaska Support Industry Alliance, ACES, Photo by Dave Harbourthat is 90 percent dependent on oil revenues cannot afford to lose 200,000 barrels of daily oil production — and continue to prosper.  Yet that has been the state's fate under the ill-advised oil tax policy known as ACES.  Since ACES passed in 2007, North Slope production has fallen almost 31 percent while production is up everywhere else in the nation. ACES caused Alaska to miss out on the oil boom brought about by high oil prices.  That should concern every Alaskan interested in good jobs, a sound economy and a bright future. It certainly raised my hackles, which is why I joined with other Alaska businesses, Native leaders, unions and a broad cross-section of individual Alaskans to form the Make Alaska Competitive Coalition (MACC) three years ago to advocate for a change to ACES. We funded our efforts with our own pocketbooks as MACC accepts no money from oil producers.  More

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