Energy Users and Internet Users Both Experience Government Overreach And Deterioration Of The Rule of Law

(Canada is not immune)


Dave Harbour

FCC commissioner Ajit Pai: Obama's push for 'Net Neutrality' will be "adopting a solution that won't work to a problem that doesn't exist using legal authority we don't have."

To our energy readersThe dictatorial, FCC action described by Commissioner Pai, is consistent with the lawless character of the U.S. executive governmental branch.  

In Alaska we've seen due process and the rule of law attacked by federal administrative / regulatory acts to block access:

Jim Prentice, Alberta, Premier, Keystone XL, Dave Harbour Photo"The energy relationship shared between our two countries is bigger than a single pipeline."  Jim Prentice (NGP Photo)

Canada is on the edge of an historic choice: to diversify our energy markets away from our traditional trading partner in the United States or to continue with the status quo.  –Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources

America has elected a person who perverts the rule of law and the Constitution he swore to uphold, gives comfort to America's enemies and scorns our most loyal, trusted allies: Canada and Israel.

Congress must act to override these lawless executive actions and democrat members must decide whether they are for or against the survival of the republic.  

All Members must then have the courage to decide whether to decisively undertake impeachment proceedings; the rate of loss of freedom is so rapid that waiting until the next election to change leadership, at this point, puts the nation at risk.  

Our Canadian readers must know that you are headed in the same direction.  While you have a strong and honorable Prime Minister today, and a strong, wealth producing energy industry, the fabric of your own free enterprise system is under attack as well.   

Democracies must realize as environmental extremists, socialists, race mongers, Islamic political operatives and others have figured out: that democracies can best be defeated from within and controlled by erosion of moral values, intimidation, protests, lawsuits, redistribution promises, racial strife strategies and community organizers all focused on achieving a majority vote to elect minority special interests … who are assuming powers over a 'fundamentally transformed' society of 21st century worker-drones.