9-30-2021 Taxes On Energy Producers and Consumers Grow From Inflationary Government Spending and Regulatory Policies

Open Letter To Alaska's U.S. Senators Is this what Alaska's U.S. Senators want for their state and country? If so, we believe they will be joining the Dems to support porky infrastructure and socialized reconciliation.  This is not like past times when pork was routinely incorporated into legislation, but not mortally injurious to the Nation's future.  This time could come to be known as, "The End Game".  And maybe that outcome will be determined by Alaska's two Senators. -dh (Note: We believe that wasteful spending and rising [...]

9-17-2021 ALASKANOMICS: Jobs Up In Alaska

Thursday, September 17, 2021 August jobs up 4.4 percent from August 2020 September 17, 2021 No. 21-25 JUNEAU, Alaska — August’s job count was up 4.4 percent from August 2020, an increase of 13,600 but still 29,700 below August 2019 levels. Industries hit hardest last year recorded the strongest gains, although few have recovered their pre-pandemic job levels. Leisure and hospitality added 5,600 jobs compared to last August but remained 10,800 below August 2019. The trade, transportation and utilities sector gained 3,600 jobs over the year but was 6,700 below [...]

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9-10-2021 Historical Days: Prudhoe Bay Lease Sale & 9-11

Today in 1969, Alaska conducted the great Prudhoe Bay Lease Sale, over a year after the behemoth oil & gas discovery on the state's North Slope.  Full Story HERE.  Here is our 2020 comment.   *     *     * Tomorrow, the whole country commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attack in New York City of the World Trade Center.  (Another Day of Infamy) *     *     * My great brother (Photo-right, with author), Vietnam Vet Marine Doug Harbour, founded the Tri State 9/11 Remembrance Parade & Ceremony...in [...]

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