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  • REI closing down – 04/02/2017 (Full story) Resources Energy Inc., a Japanese company that has been pursuing the potential exporting of liquefied natural gas from the Cook Inlet basin, is closing its Alaska operations. Mary Ann Pease, the company’s Alaska vice president, told Petroleum News on March 28 that the company has been unable to secu….
  • Cook Inlet field shut-in – 04/02/2017 (Full story) In response to a continuing natural gas pipeline leak under Cook Inlet, Hilcorp Alaska has shut in its Middle Ground Shoal oil field, the company has announced. “Shutting in wells and idling lines and equipment in very cold temperatures creates a known risk of freeze up and potential rupture,” Hilco….
  • Trump(eting) merits of XL – 04/02/2017 (Full story) After nine years of being put through the United States regulatory, legislative and legal grinder, TransCanada has secured a Presidential Permit for its Keystone XL pipeline. But the road ahead is far from certain for the US$8 billion project. Standing behind President Donald Trump in the White Ho….