Alaska Energy/Mining News:

A recovery is now underway at ConocoPhillips!…/4167407-conocophillips-alaska-

Pebble asks Rep. Josephson to visit the site before replaying misleading rhetoric  “I am going to respectfully disagree with Rep. Andy Josephson’s recent opinion piece about Pebble Mine that is full of misleading and inaccurate claims about Pebble….”

On the North Slope, snow roads constructed with an eye toward a future Arctic road system  Locals had the opportunity to hit a new set of trails this winter. Instead of snow machines, they brought trucks.


Mentions today in Must Read Alaska:

  1. IS ALASKA MORPHING INTO A SOCIALIST STATE?  Writer and thinker Dave Harbour asks if our state is indeed becoming a socialist province of sorts. Read his analysis here.
  2. (Sen. John Torgerson, Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour)