Washington Times Op-Ed Today: Senators Lisa Murkowski and David Vitter.  TransCanada’s decision to reapply for a federal permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline across the U.S.-Canadian border offers President Obama something that rarely comes around – a second chance to do the right thing.

Calgary Herald by Dina O’Meara.  Oil and Gas Producers Keep Eye On Wildfires

Jim Jansen, Oil Taxes, ACES, Keep Alaska Competitive, Photo by Dave Harbour

AP/ADN by Becky Bohrer. Marc Langland, Keep Alaska Competitive, Oil Taxes, ACES, Northrim Bank, Photo by Dave Harbour Marc Langland (NGP Photo-R) and Jim Jansen (NGP Photo-L), co-chairs of the Make Alaska Competitive Coalition, in an email Tuesday, said they are not giving up on pressing for what they call meaningful tax reform, saying the state’s economic future is at stake.

AP/ADN by Dan Joling.  "Four groups sue to protect Beluga Whales."  (Comment: Environmental activists within over three dozen resident NGOs in Alaska are working full time to oppose responsible natural resource activity Beluga Whale, Port Woronzof, Anchorage, Alaska, Photo by Dave Harbourin Alaska.  Since Alaska’s constitution centers on a sustainable economy based on natural resources, the environmental groups are, in effect, calling for the bankrupting of Alaska.  Alaska’s State Senate, by keeping oil taxes at a predatory level are, in effect, however indirectly, working with the environmental activists so intent on shutting down the state’s free enterprise sector.  We spied a pod of (at least several dozen) spunky Beluga this past weekend at Point Woronzof (NGP Photo), while photographing a wedding.  Since Beluga populations are stable if not increasing we might have suggested to the headline writer this morning this alternative approach: Groups sue to stop energy production and most human commerce in Cook Inlet, the most populated section of Alaska.  -dh)  

Glen Biegel, KBYR, Talk Show, Photo by Dave HarbourYour author will appear this afternoon on Glen Biegel’s (NGP Photo) radio show at 4 p.m. A.D.T..  Call in!    -dh

Shell Canada details BC liquefied natural gas project – Calgary Herald  –  Main callout pointer for calgaryheraldcom …. the province’s growing natural gas reserves Thepipeline received a B.C. environmental assessment certificate … www.calgaryherald.com/business/energy…C…/story.html