John Hendrix (photo) was hired to advise Gov. Bill Walker on oil and gas matters and give the governor some cover in an area where he badly needs credibility. That was nearly two years ago.

Now, Hendrix is heading for the exit. Some had been courting him to run for governor himself, but instead, he’s found a landing at NANA.

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P.S.  Here’s a clip from Governor Walker’s press release.  We’ll be interested to see how this works out.   (“Mr. Hendrix will continue working with the Office of the Governor on existing projects in a limited capacity.”)

FBI Lovebirds

This new movie, “FBI Lovebirds”, is extremely informative and 100% true. Yes, the truth is stranger than fiction.  Like a good book, or a single potato chip, it’s difficult to stop after the first taste, first viewing.   Imagine conversations like this during the previous regime, occuring within the ranks of EPA, DOI, DOE, etc.  Also, so sad on another leve….