Alaska LNG Project and Related News

AGDC receives approval for Alaskan pipeline project Interfax Global Energy.  Alaska Gasline Development Corp. (AGDC) has received environmental approval for one of two pipeline projects it is considering building, according …

Our Commentary: Remember how Alaska’s Governor bragged about how the Chinese were a great trading partner…Alaska’s largest trading partner.  …and that partnership was based in part on the Alaska salmon the Chinese purchased. And that is supposed to prove how good a partner China would be re: the state owned, bureaucrat controlled Alaska LNG scheme?  And note last weekend how the Alaska Fish & Game has closed certain salmon fisheries due to lack of salmon.

Then, you’ll be interested in this piece, today, by Susanne Downing of MustReadAlaska:

China fish pirates have their way with Alaska salmon

Policy News For Our Readers

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: Judge throws out SF and Oakland climate suits against big oil

API expresses the critical need for pipelines.   API highlighted how pipelines are critical to safely delivering the energy Americans demand every day.