Globe & Mail by CP.  TransCanada Corp. says it plans to build a $1.9-billion pipeline to help feed Chevron Corp. and Apache Corp.’s proposed liquefied natural gas facility near Kitimat, B.C.

Yesterday ExxonMobil's Karen Hagedorn briefed the Fairbanks community on Point Thomson project status.  Read Dermot Cole's ADN story here and see our report of Sofia Wong's Friday Point Thomson briefing in Anchorage, here.  Last night, Alaska Public Media aired this audio of a recent Commonwealth North panel discussing Alaska state investment in an ANS gas pipeline/LNG project that includes Alaska producers, TransCanada and the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation.  -dh

 "An Important Ally: Pacific Legal Foundation"

(Don't think the fight against unreasonable environmental activism isn't alive and well in Canada, too!)


Dave Harbour  


1)  PLF has just filed an amicus brief supporting the Lunny family, owners of the 80-year-old oyster farm, in their request for help from the U.S. Supreme Court, as they fight for survival against the feds' bullying.  The case is Drakes Bay Oyster Company v. U.S. Department of the Interior.  A PLF video, and PLF's brief supporting the Lunnys' petition to have the High Court take their case, may be found here

2) PLF is opening a new DC Center for education, communication and outreach to the national media, policy-makers, and opinion leaders.  Todd F. Gaziano will serve as Executive Director of the DC Center and as Senior Fellow in Constitutional Law. 

We have long supported Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) because it is one of the few not-for-profit legal giants helping the private sector defend against overreaching federal government colonialism.  

To the degree that PLF is successful, is our natural resource industries world — and, indeed, North America's entire economy — viable and sustainable.  

To the extent PLF is unsuccessful or lacks resources to succeed, to that degree will the natural resource wealth-creating capacity of our Northern hemisphere be less sustainable and face a possible, economic 'death spiral' — especially in view of disturbing deficit spending and national debt trends.

Canada and the United States are each others' largest trading partner.  Because a large portion of that relationship is the trading and movement of natural resources across America's northern border — both ways–PLF is important to both countries!  If that free trade flow is constricted by regulatory tourniquets imposed by extreme and unreasonable environmental activism and lawsuit settlements, the trade flow will diminish along with North American prosperity.

Today, US Senator Lisa Murkowski urged the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to move ahead with … Dominion’s application for a license to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) from its Cove Point facility in Maryland.  (We support this advocacy since Alaska will require federal support for its various oil and gas export plans as well.

A WORD OF CAUTION.  TODAY, Energy Citizens says, "

"… anti-energy activists are opposing natural gas exports for ideological reasons. They are standing in the way of an export upgrade for the Cove Point Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility.

Take a stand for Americans jobs and our energy future! "


Accordingly, we highly recommend that readers in both of our countries support Pacific Legal Foundation along with the other natural resource organizations we mention on these pages nearly every day.

Without them all, the days of prosperity in this part of the world become more limited with each precedent setting lawsuit settlement, with each attack on innocent individual and corporate citizens, with each new layer of uncontested regulatory abuse, with each violation of due process and the rule of law.








The Sierra Club Canada email below — flooding the Internet TODAY — illustrates the coordinating, grass roots efforts being undertaken by Canadian environmental activists.  

We encourage NGP readers to subscribe to this email service as a way of more effectively understanding and dealing with this determined enemy of reasonable and lawful development.  

(Note: we believe Canadian law must be quite lax to allow the "Sierra Club Canada Foundation" in this email to solicit a donation on the one hand and to take an active role in — not educating — but trying to use tax exempt donations to promote political action and opposition to regulatory conclusions.)  

Maybe the law is not lax so much as no one has challenged this practice in Canada's courts.  However, we do not claim expertise in the Canadian legal and regulatory systems and can only hope that more studied minds are taking appropriate action to counterbalance inappropriate political advocacies.  -dh

From:  Sierra Club Canada

Update on Enbridge Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline

Our friends over at the World Wildlife Fund had a group of scientist (sic.) look over the Joint Panel Report on the Enbridge Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline.

They concluded that the report is flawed and the federal government should not approve the pipeline. Over 100 scientists have now signed a letter to the Prime Minister urging him not to approve the pipeline.

Consider this an invitation to add your voice to the scientists, thousands of Canadians, and over 100 First Nations who oppose this pipeline!


Thanks for taking action for the planet.

John Bennett, National Program Director
Sierra Club Canada Foundation
John on Twitter / Bennett Blog

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