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Public Comments Due For Donlin Mine’s Reclamation And Closure Plans

Public comments are due for the proposed Donlin mine’s reclamation and closure plans.

AK: The journey of Alaska’s go-to man in China

Alaska’s does $1 billion dollars worth of trade with China every year — it’s the state’s largest trading partner.

State officials: Ballot Measure 1 will make some construction projects impossible

Ballot Measure 1 is intended to boost protections for salmon, but a series of state officials told lawmakers Friday

AGDC President: New law restricting foreign investments won’t stop Alaska pipeline

An effort in Congress to get tough on foreign investors, principally those from China,…

Walker worried about potential Trump tariffs

Gov. Bill Walker says he’s worried about a potential setback for Alaska seafood amid a growing trade war with China.

Public Input Requested on NPR-A Lease Sale

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking public comments on available tracts to be considered for its 2018 oil and gas lease sale…

Siemens and Knikatnu propose to jointly supply IGU with LNG

A natural gas supply proposal from Siemens and Knikatnu Corporation is a safer, less expensive option for the Interior Gas Utility.

The IGU’s current plan is to expand its Titan LNG production plant on Cook Inlet to increase output of gas it trucks to Fairbanks.

Speaking in Fairbanks on Monday, Knikatnu Corporation President Tom Harris says buying gas from Knik area Native Corporation and Siemens would save the Interior Gas Utility the cost of expanding the Titan plant.

Harris says Knikatnu has a proven coal bed methane source …. He emphasizes that the property is along the Alaska Railroad tracks….

”The last thing we want to see is 50 trucks of LNG coming up Knik Goose Bay Road going north and 50 trucks coming back empty, on a road that’s already killing …,” Harris said.

Siemens’ proposes using scalable gas processing modules to begin supplying Fairbanks with LNG as early as 2019.


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