Today’s Alaska LNG Project Realities

Sinopec drops interest in managing AK LNG construction

The company has dropped its interest in managing construction of the Alaska LNG Project after traveling the 800-mile route through the state in May.

LNG projects ramp up in response to growing market

Qatar plans to expand its LNG capacity by 23 million tonnes by 2023 … Much closer to Alaska, Shell and its partners in LNGCanada are expected to …

OPINION: Trump is playing to win. Are Republicans?

The possible impact on the ultimate price of the Alaska LNGProject has been tossed around as well, but at the last board of directors meeting …

Has Alaska’s Governmental Fairbanks Gas Plan Boomeranged? Is The Competitive Siemens Plan Getting A Fair Hearing?

Interior Energy Project, Fairbanks

Today’s HeadlineQuestioning the direction of the Interior Gas Utility  Not many of us are fully aware of all the discussions and developments that have gone on with the Interior Gas Utility.  Op-ed by Karl Monetti on behalf of himself and:  Liz Grieg, Gerald Goodman, Karl Hough, Mary Ann Nickles, Owen Hanley, Don Callahan, Paolo Greer, Greg Hill, David Weissman, Mike Musick, John Davies, Dave Nebert, Larry Fogleson, Carl Benson, Richard Seifert, Connie Huffman and Frank Gold.

Our Comment: The Siemens concept is a joint venture with Alaska Native corporation, Kniktnu Inc. 

By avoiding bonding and using a creative and potentially more efficient LNG production and transportation system it could be more ratepayer friendly.  At least, public comparisons should more fully reveal the advantages and disadvantages of each project. 

One compelling advantage from our viewpoint is the injection of much more free enterprise efficiency incentive into what, to date, has been a politically manipulated, infeasible government enterprise controlled by temporarily elected and appointed politicians and bureaucrats.  To our Fairbanks friends, we say, “follow the money and keep your powder dry!”   -dh