Our Friend, Debbie Franklin in Anchorage’s Department of Commerce export assistance office sends us today this invitation to do business in Mongolia:

For our Alaska readers:

Expand your business into Mongolia!

Alaska and Mongolia share similar geography, Arctic climate, isolated rural population and a vast mineral wealth. These commonalities and the similar challenges both face, allow for a better understanding of each other.

Mongolia is a stable democracy sandwiched between China and Russia, and is supportive of the U.S.

Alaska and Mongolia have formalized their relationship through two programs.  The National Guard, Alaska – Mongolia State Partnership Program has flourished for over a decade.  And the University of Alaska and National University of Mongolia have an Academic Cooperative Agreement in place.

Learn how your business may expand into Mongolia.  Join the Certified Trade Mission to Mongolia!

Please contact me if you have questions.

Debbie Franklin, U.S. Export Assistance Center, Office Director – Anchorage

ph:  907.271.9237

email:  Debra.Franklin@Trade.gov

Mongolia Certified Trade Mission Oct. 2018

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