Action Alert: ANWR!

From our friend, Carl Portman (NGP Photo) at Resource Development Council for Alaska, comes this important notice.  Please vote on this important issue by commenting!

RDC ACTION ALERT: A reminder that Monday, June 7th is the deadline for submitting comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on the planned update of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge¹s (ANWR) Comprehensive Conservation Plan. RDC strongly urges its members to submit comments recommending ANWR’s 1002 area be opened to oil and gas exploration and development and that the area not be designated Wilderness. If the area is designated Wilderness, America’s most promising onshore oil and gas prospect will be forever closed to exploration and development.  For comment points and additional information, please see RDC’s Action Alert

Short on time and unable to draft your own comments? The Consumer Energy
has a prepared comment letter that one can easily edit and submit
directly online to the Service. For this option, go to:

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