AEA release: The Regional Integrated Resource Plan (RIRP) is a 50-year, long-range plan that will identify combinations of generation and transmission (G&T) capital improvement projects in the Railbelt Region of Alaska.

Fairbanks News Miner by Dermot Cole.  The December edition of Business Monitor International’s  monthly review of oil in gas in North America has a grim assessment of the natural gas outlook.  The London-based publication says that Canadian companies such as Suncor Energy, EnCana and Enbridge Energy Partners are looking to sell some of their “noncore” natural gas production because of price concerns.  “Long-term US natural gas demand, particulary for Canadian imports, is also uncertain owing to the rise of unconventional gas production and the slower-than-expected shift from from coal to gas in power generation,” BMI said.  “The deteriorating US gas outlook  has already led to the halting of several liquefied natural gas projects (LNG), as well as stalling the progress of the Alaskan gas pipelines.”  The business report said the companies may have trouble unloading these assets on local buyers in Canada and the U.S. But the Chinese may be interested, it says.  “Access to Canada’s reserves could eventually allow Chinese companies to export gas back to their home as LNG,” BMI said.