ADN Editorial.  Has a bureaucratic turf war undermined the Parnell administration’s effort to promote an in-state natural gas pipeline? That’s the allegation from state Rep. Jay Ramras, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor.  He claims in-state gas line coordinator Harry Noah resigned because his efforts were thwarted by other staff who are more keen on the big gas line through Canada. In particular, Ramras complains that key officials on the governor’s gas line team seem to have ruled out one in-state option, a bullet line from northern gas fields to Southcentral.  

Examiner – Anchorage.   Rep. Jay Ramras’ recent assertions in his Dec. 1, 2009 press release that Palin Gas Pipeline Czar Harry Noah was under attack by DNR are certainly suspect.  DNR D. C. Marty Rutherford was a supporter of the czarship creation and a proponent of Noah as the czar.  DNR Commissioner Tom Irwin must have supported that appointment as there was never any indication that Irwin was not in favor of Noah’s appointment.

ADN by Sean Cockerham.  Fifteen state representatives wrote Gov. Sean Parnell on Friday to say they were "troubled by the mounting evidence that (Alaska’s 2007 oil tax increase) may wind up doing more harm than good to future oil development."