Tomorrow one Interior Department bureaucrat with less than a week’s notice will meet here to decide on the future of Alaska’s OCS program.  OCS success or failure will impact the future of the existing Trans Alaska pipeline and future gas pipeline projects.  Those energy lifelines provide life support to Alaska’s Economy…down to the last teacher, laborer or health clinic technician.
Do you care?
Every member of Alaska’s Legislature, every news media person should be there.  Outside yesterday’s Primary Election, nothing more important to Alaska’s future (or more newsworthy) will likely occur until the November elections.
Be at the Dena’ina in Anchorage from 8 a.m.- noon.  Here’s all the information you’ll need.
P.S.  A great friend of Northern Gas Pipelines writes:



"Somehow the meeting on Thursday calls to mind that famous scene from Oliver Twist when a starving Oliver asks the manager of the work house, "Please sir, May I have some more?"

Oliver received a caning for his impudence, I wonder what the DC bureaucrats will do to the sovereign people of Alaska.
It is indeed shameful that most elected officials are such sniveling wimps in the face of unaccountable bureaucratic authority."

Victor John Yannacone, jr., Attorney