California’s Green Politics Creates Its Own Brands of Greed and Corruption


Ben Harbour, A California Voter


While I was in line to cast an early ballot in Fresno on Saturday, the very eager voters were informed that the written description of Prop 23 on the ballot, was wrong.  Our eagerness waining, we were informed that the new language could be read on a poster which hung on the wall near the voting maching, and our vote on the machine would still count. (Click below for more.)

Although I knew a "Yes" on Prop 23 was a must, the confusion was discouraging to me, even though I am a fairly educated voter.  It was troubling, having to read the poster on the wall, knowing that our ballots were incorrect and in violation of a court order.  Poll volunteers were uncertain if the November 2nd ballots will be corrected in time.  
While driving to work this morning, I learned from Ray Appleton, premier KMJ 580AM Radio Talk Show Host, that the language appearing on the ballot had such a poor, biased, description of the Proposition, a judge had earlier ordered a change.  However, there is very little being done to get the word out, besides the last minute notification before a vote is cast. 
The poorly written ballot description gives readers the impression that ALL environmental laws will be postponed until unemployment reaches a certain level.
In addition, the talk show listeners also learned that the State election website, as of Nov 1st (today), did not have the correct, court-ordered language on the sample ballot….  Even more discouraging, the State election website mentioned that there is a change to the language of Prop 23, and provided a link to a League of Women Voters website.  The League opposes Prop 23.    
Where must we go to escape such incompetence…if not outright corruption?