Call to Action: Thursday in Anchorage – Is Mackenzie off or on? – Governor Candidates Debate Gas and Tax

National Post, by Don Martin.  If the weather is clear next week, possibly on the very day Prime Minister Stephen Harper drops in for a visit, whale hunters in this economically depressed Arctic Ocean outpost could watch their former and future prosperity being towed to Alaska.  The last drilling rig in Canada’s Beaufort Sea is on the move, to a standby position in U.S. waters to drill a relief well in case of an oil spill.  …   For Mayor Gruben, a good-natured businessman who seems to know everybody in this hamlet of 900 Inuvialuit so well we christened him King Tuk, there’s been enough government handouts. It’s time for a hand up.

ADN, from Sean Cockerham in Anchorage.  The candidates challenging Gov. Sean Parnell (NGP Photo) attacked his strategy for pursuing a natural gas pipeline during Sunday night’s KTUU debate in a last ditch push to win over voters in Tuesday’s primary election.  Parnell debated Republican primary challengers Ralph Samuels and Bill Walker. Democratic candidates for governor Ethan Berkowitz (NGP Photo) and state Sen. Hollis French (NGP Photo) had a separate debate with each other, arguing over who should get their party’s nomination.   *    We attended the debate, impressed with Anchorage NBC affiliate Channel 2’s preparation.  Veteran news director Steve MacDonald (NGP Photo-above) moderated the event, in which the stage of the University of Alaska-Anchorage’s Wendy Williamson stage had been converted into a Television studio.  (Other event photos below, and more coverage of the debate coming….   -dh)   

 Hollis French                    Ethan Berkowitz           Bill Walker                    Ralph Samuels









 Sean Parnell  (FB Collection Here)





Alaskan Call to Action: Schedule Yourself For 8 a.m. Thursday!

PNA, by Gary Park: There is no need to ban drilling in Canadian coastal waters….

Commentary.  The Federal agency below (BOEM) will advise Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (NGP Photo) on the future of Alaska OCS development. This development involves the potential of 30,000 jobs per year, increased life for the Trans Alaska Pipeline, potential Federal revenue sharing and economic support for an Alaska gas pipeline.  In short, next week’s meeting will influence the entire economic health and future of Alaska.  It is especially vital that Alaskan legislators, mayors and assembly members attend.  It would be too, too sad if scores of oil company employees did not take a few hours of vacation time to show up as private citizens and support the continuation of their employment.  The future of teachers, preachers, government employees, non-profit corporations and even news media owners and employees hangs in the balance.  See this June 23rd Senate Appropriations Committee interrogation of Secretary Salazar and Director Michael R. Bromwich, particularly Senator Lisa Murkowski’s questioning.  You will be able to provide comments, both on comment cards and electronically, at the event.  Even if your comment is as simple as, "I support expeditious approvals of Alaskan OCS projects," or, "I strenuously oppose approval of Alaskan OCS projects," it will be counted.  It will make a difference.  Alaskans should vote for the candidates of their choice in next Tuesday’s Primary…and for their families at the BOEM Forum next Thursday.    -dh




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