Our pre-programmed email alert this morning wished readers a "Good Friday Morning".  We also wish all a great Wednesday morning and hope that our news and comment below find a welcome reception in your early look at today’s world!  -dh

We are honored that the Alaska Dispatch chose to Alaska Dispatchreprint our editorial in today’s issue (Page one, and two) of their publication.  -dh

This morning at 9 ADT, Consumer Energy Alliance president David Holt David Holt, Consumer Energy Alliance, by Dave Harbour, OCS(NGP Photo) will appear on Anchorage radio station KFQD to discuss American energy policy from the Keystone pipeline to OCS development in Alaska. Our readers should be able to hear the discussion live and catch the podcast later by tuning in here.

Straight Goods News.  Our comment: Alberta labor leader, Gil McGowan, wants the Keystone pipeline project to deliver bitumen to the Gulf Coast for processing stopped so value added jobs can be created in Alberta.  He’s like some Alaskans who, without skin in the game, think, "we" should build a pipeline "our" way.  Never mind that private investors are creating a new market, attracting the highest value for the product, enabling production jobs that wouldn’t otherwise exist.  Most of these folks who think "we" should make sure investors do it "my" way are really advocating for government subsidies or other mandates that shift the flow of money into their own special interest.  So when Alaskan or Canadian advocates urge "us" to help "them" force private investment into "their" scheme, let’s don’t confuse a "special interest" with the "public interest."  -dh

Comment:  LA Times editors must live in another world.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, by Dave Harbour, Portfolio Standards, NARUC, CPUC, RPS, California EconomyTheir economy crumbles.  Their government insists that California energy consumers pay more for electrons that don’t come from carbon (Illogical and foolish renewable portfolio standards for utilities supported by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger-NGP Photo).  Their survival is based on water from the North.  Their transportation infrastructure is dependent on oil and gas refined products.  Yet in this LA Times editorial, opinion writers insist that Alaska not develop her energy resources.  This is the childlike if not childlish mentality reasonable adults face when they try to develop projects that produce jobs, private and government revenue streams, energy independence, balance of payments surplus and heightened national security.  How corpulent and weak becomes a land with this kind of thinking!   How high on its own petard does vulnerable and foolish California hoist itself!  -dh