E&E News (subs. req’d) reports, “In the wake of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, environmentalists today announced plans to sue the Obama administration over its failure to force preparation of an analysis of how an Arctic spill would affect the imperiled polar bear. (See our editorial, yesterday)

Edmonton Journal by Dina O’Meara.  Enbridge Inc. is plowing ahead with a controversial pipeline from Alberta’s oilsands to the port of Kitimat, B.C., to open new markets for Canadian crude, chief executive Pat Daniel said in Calgary on….

Alaska Dispatch by Joshua Saul (NGP Photo, below-r).  Republican Bill Walker (NGP Photo-l), a lawyer who is running on the platformthat Alaska needs to build a gas line immediately, banged Gov. Sean Parnell (NGP Photo-r) and his policies both during and after the forum. Walker said the Gulf spill puts offshore drilling in even more limbo than it was in before, which makes it even more important to build a gas line right away. … Ralph Samuels (NGP Photo, below-l), a vice president at cruise line Holland America, is also a Republican contender for the state’s top spot. He said since offshore drilling is going to be slowed down by what happened in the Gulf, we should certainly be taking steps towards drilling onshore in places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  "No matter what you think of (the Gulf spill), it set us back," Samuels said.  Standing outside the Denai’na Center meeting room where the forum was held, the current governor weighed in on what the oil spill blackening the Gulf of Mexico means for future offshore drilling in Alaska waters.  "Does it give us pause? Absolutely," Parnell said. "We need to learn from this. Still, our economy and our people need these jobs, and our country needs the energy."  …  Inside the room, about 120 professional types — folks like state Sen. John Coghill (NGP Photo-r) and U.S. Arctic Research Commission Chairman Mead Treadwell (NGP Photo, below-r) — chowed down on seared halibut and roasted strip loin while they listened to the six candidates recite their stump speeches in two minute bursts. The time limit was strictly enforced by master of ceremonies Steve MacDonald, news director for KTUU Channel 2. If candidates went over, he said, "we have a Philadelphia police officer with a Taser who will take care of you."  State Sen. Hollis French, a contender for the Democratic nomination, said he was the only one of the candidates to have actually worked at an oil company (a point Parnell contested). …French said onshore development in ANWR is what he wants, partly because cleanup would be easier in case of a spill…. Bob Poe (NGP Photo), another Democrat, brought up his idea to build a gas pipeline from the North Slope to Fairbanks in order to get construction started.  "I’d like to be your governor for two terms, and I’d like to do a killer job," Poe said. "And then I promise that you’ll never hear from me again."  Ethan Berkowitz joked with the crowd, saying "I hope you choose me — and I hope I’m the second choice of all you Republicans out there."  Sheldon Fisher (NGP Photo-below), a former telecommunications executive who is gunning for Don Young’s U.S. House seat in the Republican primary, sat on the sidelines taking notes….



GOPAlaska.   Sarah Palin (NGP Photo) Says ‘Trust The Oil Industry’ In Aftermath Of ‘Tragic’ Spill … has faith in the oil industry, according to a recent statement that was made by the famous politician and Fox News anchor. She urged Americans to “trust the oil industry,” and to continue to pursue to controversial topic of offshore drilling.

Alaska Dispatch by Craig Medred.  What happens in the Gulf of Mexico in the next few days is vital not only to the marshes of the Mississippi River delta, but to the economic future of Alaska. Nothing short of an Apollo 13 scenario is underway here off the Louisiana coast.


Point of personal privilege.  Occasionally, your author presents a personal item, in this case recognition of Nancy Harbour (NGP Photo), President of the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, as recipient of this year’s "Champion of the Arts" award from Mayor Dan Sullivan.  The ceremony occurred May 5, 2010 at the Anchorage Museum.  ADN Story.  

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