ALERT: NGP Readers: Please Comment on ANWR at the hearing today in Anchorage.  The Official USFWS Announcement.  Here’s RDC’s excellent analysis.  Wednesday, September 21, Wilda Marston Theater, Loussac Library, 3:00-9:30 pm.  We hope Anchorage citizens will show up in ‘droves’ to urge the FEDS to open ANWR for responsible oil and gas development as the Congress intended when it passed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.  A strong turnout of Alaska citizens and ELECTED STATE AND LOCAL OFFICIALS.  is very important.        -dh
Testify: Fairbanks 10-19-11, Anchorage 10-20-11
Written testimony due: 11-15-11
(We are pleased to note House Joint Resolution 11 sponsored by by Charisse Millett (NGP Photo) in the House urging the Congress to not convert the 1002 area of ANWR to a status that prevents oil and gas development.   NGP Readers can refer to this resolution in their own comments and rely on the information conveyed by Representative Millett’s resolution.  -dh)

Yesterday didn’t disappoint attendees from several countries as a blue ribbon cast of characters presented the latest Alaska and Northern Canada energy information at the 7th Annual Alaska Oil and Gas Congress.  Since we are preparing to Co-chair day two, reports and photos will be delayed until this weekend.  Today, my Co-chairman, John Kingston will kick off proceedings and I will summarize at the end of the day following presentations by: Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell; Alaska BOEMRE director, Dr. James Kendall; OCS Permitting experts, Matt Cohen and Jeff Leppo of Stoel Rives LLP, WA; Drue Pearce, Crowell & Moring LLP’s Senior Policy Advisor; Alaska Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan; BLM’s Alaska Director Bud Cribley; and National Ocean Policy Coalition Executive Director Brent Greenfield.  Two intreguing panels will end the day: one on the Alaska oil production tax and another on keeping the Trans Alaska Pipeline throughput viable,  with speakers including: Alaska Revenue Deputy Commissioner Bruce Tangeman; CPA Dan Dickinson; Senator Hollis French; Former House Speaker and Legislative Digest publisher Mike Bradner, Tim Bradner of the Alaska Journal of Commerce, Petroleum Economist Roger Marks, Senator Bill Wielechowski and Representative Charisse Millett.

ADN by Sean Cockerham.  Gov. Sean Parnell continued to bash the federal government Tuesday and said he’s lobbying legislators to pass his proposal for a major reduction in how much the state taxes oil companies. Parnell on Tuesday morning gave the opening address at the Alaska Oil and Gas Congress, an annual petroleum trade gathering being held at the Marriott Hotel in Anchorage.  (Comment:  we believe that Parnell was quite restrained and polite in comments involving the Federal government.  Also, he didn’t say he was lobbying for ‘his’ proposal on taxes and specifically noted he had no pride of authorship and would support independent legislative initiatives that could help make Alaska more competitive.  -dh)

At the Oil & Gas Congress U.S. Sen. Mark Begich told the audience he urged the state to consider a loan guarantee that would help with financing for a major Alaska natural gas pipeline.  Read ADN/AP story: