1.  Clean Air Act Permit – EPA – Shell.  (Please comment here prior to October 20

Example: 10-8-09.  Rick Braun, Anchorage.  Sirs:  I thought the comment period had closed already, but since it is still open I wish to say that the permit SHOULD be issued and soon.  The exploration of the Chukchi Sea by Shell can be done safely and will result in significant  additions to our state’s economy and the nation’s energy resources. Both are vital.  I do not see any need to restrict Shell’s ship operations by monitoring measures that are not applicable to all the other ships operating in the Chukchi Sea area.  I also do not see how you can separate the emissions by Shell from all others in the Sea and those being born on the winds from surrounding landmasses. So the only point to denying the permit is to obstruct exploration. Why would you do that when the state and the country needs jobs and energy?  Please issue the permits.

2.  Testimony for White House Ocean Task Force.   (See all previous comments and add your comment here before October 17)