Tonight, participate in a debate, the "Future of ACES", refering to "Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share", production tax.
Cathy Giessel by Dave Harbour
Thursday, January 12, 2012 – 3801 Centerpoint Drive, 1st Floor – 6:30 to 8:30 PM  
Presenters are Senator Bill Wielechowski (NGP Photo-R), Senator Cathy Giessel (NGP Photo-L)Rebecca Logan (NGP Photo-R), Ak Industry Support Alliance Executive Director
 Radio commentator, Glen Beigel (NGP Photo-L), is the moderator.
Glen Biegel by Dave Harbour, Radio Commentator, ACESOrganizers invite our readers to stay for Q&A And A Pro or Con ACES Straw Poll After The Presentations  *

 Loan guarantee likely wouldn’t apply to LNG line  –  CBS News  –  Changes in the years since the 2004 law’s passage, including the rise of shale gas, have given rise to concerns that there will be little demand for Alaska gas in the Lower 48. Gov. Sean Parnell has asked the slope’s major players — Exxon Mobil Corp., 

Townhall: On Gas Prices Keystone XL Opponents Are, Once Again, Dead Wrong   –  **Op-ed by Michael Whatley**  By now, anyone watching the political debates over the Keystone XL pipeline is aware of the massive misinformation campaign that opponents of the project have used to delay that critical project. From disputing jobs that will be created by this needed asset, to hoisting an inflatable tube around the White House and shipping Hollywood’s B-list to the nation’s capital to get arrested in so-called “civil disobedience actions,” opponents have certainly made a lot of noise.

The Montreal Gazette: U.S. Republicans push to ‘OK’ Keystone pipeline  –  U.S. Congressional Republicans, who are urging President Barack Obama to back the Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL oil pipeline, are now working on plans to take the reins of approval from the hands of the president should the White House say no. North Dakota Senator John Hoeven, whose state is counting on the pipeline to help move its newfound bounty of shale oil, is drafting legislation that would see Congress give the green light to the project by using its constitutional powers to regulate commerce with foreign nations, an aide said
Bloomberg: Keystone Pipeline Backers Press Obama for Decision Within Weeks  –  Supporters of TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL oil pipeline stepped up their lobbying of President Barack Obama, urging him to approve the project before the State of the Union address in less than two weeks. The American Petroleum Institute, a Washington-based group for energy producers, joined 104 associations yesterday in saying the project will “put thousands of Americans to work.” Senator Richard Lugar, an Indiana Republican, said in a Jan. 6 letter to Obama that a delay will slow U.S. efforts to reduce imports from nations such as Iran and Venezuela.
Oil and gas companies will expand their staffs in 2012, but a shortage of skilled workers will create a critical talent gap for the industry, according to a report by recruitment firm NES Global Talent. Demand for engineers will grow this year, as oil and gas exploration and production expands both on land and offshore, the firm said. But NES Managing Director Simon Coton said a depletion of skilled workers in oil and gas fields in the United States, Great Britain and Australia will be a major challenge.
The Houston Chronicle: Gas prices seen another big rise in 2012  –  The New Year hasn’t been good for gasoline prices. Gasoline prices rose 8 cents in a week to $3.20 in Houston. Nationally, gas prices are up 7 cents to $3.38, and Texas saw the same 7-cent rise to $3.22. According to the travel agency, Texarkana has the most expensive gas prices in the state at $3.27, and El Paso has the lowest at $3.04.
AP: Natural gas falls to lowest price in a decade  –  Natural gas is cheaper this winter than it’s been in a decade. Prices have dropped by more than 10 percent in the past week, including a plunge of almost 6 percent on Wednesday, as mild temperatures cut into heating demand and a production boom pumps up supplies.
Wall Street JournalGlut Hits Natural-Gas Prices

Senator Bill Wielechowski: Press Release (no link yet) – 1/11/12 – Senators Introduce Bill to Waive State Property Taxes for a Natural Gas Pipeline during Construction Six state senators, including Senators Bill Wielechowski, Dennis Egan, Johnny Ellis, Hollis French, and Albert Kookesh, announced today that they have pre-filed legislation to exempt a natural gas pipeline from state property taxes until gas begins to flow down the line. (Comment:  Note that this does not address the problem of local governments raising property taxes on a pipeline after it has been built and in operation.  On the other hand, it does provide an opening for haivng that discussion. – AG)