Fairbanks Natural Gas Update: Consumers Should Follow the Money

Fairbanks Borough Assembly to vote on natural gas powered transit(Note: Since Fairbanks is dependent on the Southcentral Alaska gas reserves.  And, since Fairbanks has depended on state subsidies to create a gas distribution system whose economics are marginal at best…perhaps citizens should at least “follow the money” to determine the real costs of CNG buses, CNG sources and costs, the monopoly power of CNG provider(s) and who is lobbying for CNG buses.  Knowledge is power.  -dh)

Alaska Gas Export Update

Revenue commissioner outlines a new direction for Alaska’s gas pipeline project(Note: The previous governor was so intent on prioritizing sales trips over gas export fiscal realities that he abandoned the tried and true “stage gate” process for determining the feasibility of the Ak-LNG project.

We have urged policymakers to unwind the government led gas export project, safeguard its archives and make the information available to private investors who may be qualified to move the project forward.  Meanwhile, we don’t object to moving the project back to the “stage gate” schedule, for, as we recall, the project has never demonstrated that it has even passed through the “pre-FEED” gate.

We believe that, sooner than later, the new Administration and legislature will logically conclude that a $40-60 billion government-owned gas export project, managed by temporarily elected and appointed politicians and bureaucrats can never produce the most efficient, least corrupt, agile and dependable project possible; only a professional, investor owned and operated project can best operate in the public interest–properly regulated, of course, by federal and state regulatory agencies.  -dh)