Fox Business: Conoco To Shut Down More Natural Gas Output In ’12 Due To Lower Prices – Conoco Phillips (COP) said Wednesday it plans to shut in only a small portion of its natural-gas production in Canada and the lower 48 states due to lower commodity prices as the bulk of its production is tied to oil liquids output and is still profitable.


AOL Energy: Margaret Ryan No More Slow Boat To China For US Liquefied Natural Gas – Widening of the Panama Canal, due to be completed in 2014, will allow most LNG tankers to transit the isthmus and make natural gas from Gulf of Mexico ports "instantly economic" to transport to high-price Asian markets.


Industrial Fuels and Power: Ian McInnes The Arctic – gold rush tempered by harsh corporate realities – Climate change is opening up one of the last frontiers for hydrocarbons on our planet. The Arctic could hold around 25% of undiscovered oil and gas reserves and the fact that the ice is retreating for whatever reason means that the region could be set for rapid change and development as exploration, production and infrastructure will have an inevitable, irreversible impact. (Comment:  The Arctic will be opened for exploration for hydrocarbons regardless of what the climate does. – AG)


Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects: Bill White  The three worlds of natural gas prices – Buyers of natural gas pay a vastly lower price in Europe than they pay in Japan. In the United States, the natural gas price is vastly lower yet. This wild disparity in prices is a relatively new phenomenon.

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