Alaska’s Interior Energy Project

Today Will Never Come Again

Commentary by

Dave Harbour

Because it is unique, today and its inhabitants should be well treated.  For that reason, we pause when thinking of energy things.  We pause because it is easier to criticise decision makers than understand them.  As we pause, we recall being deeply critical of democrats and republicans who have both wisely spent and wasted the Prudhoe Bay legacy.  Since today will never come again, we will try to look upon the Interior Energy Project with grace as well as candor.

Just as Fairbank’s … (coming next week)

Claudia Cattaneo. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour

Calgary Herald/National Post by Claudia Cattaneo.  It’s been more than a dozen years since Ian MacGregor put in motion a plan to build a diesel refinery in Alberta, which he believes will demonstrate the benefits of producing high-value products at home rather than sending raw bitumen abroad.

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