For Alaska to SurThrive (Survive and Thrive), Alaska’s Fiscal Policy Needs an Overhaul!


Joe Schierhorn (L) and Joe Beedle, ABM Photo

Brexit is an abbreviation for “British exit,” referring to the June 23, 2016, referendum whereby British citizens voted to exit the European Union. We would argue that Alaska’s exit or avoidance to deal with fiscal discipline amounts to Alaska’s exit from economic and fiscal reality, a dysfunctional end to prosperity, an “AK-IT” scenario. We need legislative action to reform our fiscal discipline so that we stabilize our fiscal and economic future and attract investment capital and viable business to the state.

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Caelus Follow-up

Yesterday, we provided for our readers this Caelus news release touting a significant Alaska North Slope Discovery.  While we wish all of Alaska’s explorers and producers well, readers will note that we only commented: “Note: Hopefully, no new oil discovery will tempt Alaska’s leaders to withdraw from their current focus on developing a sustainable budget based on a leaner government.”    We would hasten to add that explorers have one set of expectations from the government lessor: that it maintains the terms of the lease and exploration permits.  When the explorer’s prospect evolves from being a “resource” to a “proven reserve” and then to production the political stability and fiscal certainty composing the state’s investment climate are even more critical.  In short, investors need to believe that when they invest money in a state, that state’s motto should be, “In our state, a deal is a deal!”  

Lest we forget!

Readers are invited to submit comments at the bottom of every post.  Accuracy is our goal and readers are our best source of solid information.  Meanwhile, MUSTREADALASKA.COM has a follow up investigative piece just out.  -dh) by Suzanne Downing.  … Now that Caelus has been burned by the State of Alaska, the company is doing the next best thing: Looking for new money in the private equity market so it can finish the work on the first two wells and drill another one this winter.

Caelus, the company, came to Alaska strong. It had its ducks in a row to do the work near the North Slope, one of the most trying places on earth to operate. The company earned the money from tax credits. It’s the law that the credits must be paid.

Governor Walker has been a squirrely teammate for Caelus….  Read more here.

Braid: Even Trudeau cabinet can’t ensure pipeline successCalgary Herald.  The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline is becoming a political … to the pipeline with approval of B.C.’s liquid natural gas project, and with the ..

AllianceAfter today’s announcement by Caelus Energy Alaska, we’re more excited than ever to have Caelus CEO Jim Musselman at our Fairbanks Forum TOMOROW!  Please find our full agenda below. There’s still time to register – sign up today!

Event Invitation

Fairbanks Industry Update Forum ’16

2016 Fairbanks Industry Update Forum Agenda

Annual industry update with representatives from oil, gas and mining.


Date: October 6, 2016
Time: 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM AKDT
Location: Westmark Fairbanks Hotel
Date/Time Details: October 6, 2016
Fees/Admission: Individual registration: $75

 2016 Fairbanks Industry Update Forum Westmark Hotel & Conference Center Thursday, October 6, 2016

9:00 Welcome Safety Briefing Self-Introductions
9:20 Global LNG Update – Damian Bilbao, Director of Business Development, AKLNG
9:50 Exploration & Operations Update – Jim Musselman, CEO & President, Caelus Energy
10:30 Donlin Gold Update – Kurt Parkan, External Affairs Manager, Donlin Gold LLC
11:00 North Slope Activity Update – Lisa Bruner, VP of NS Operations, ConocoPhillips
11:50 Luncheon Keynote – The Future of Resource Development in Alaska: Senator John Coghill State Senate Candidate Luke Hopkins
1:00 Clean Water Act Updates – Damien Schiff, Pacific Legal Foundation
1:35 Permanent Fund Restructuring – Tina Pidgeon, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, GCI
2:30 Mining in Alaska: Current Issues and Updates – Deantha Crockett, Executive Director, Alaska Miners Association
3:00 The Impact of Military Spending in Fairbanks: John Mackinnon, Executive Director, Associated General Contractors Elizabeth Schok, President Fairbanks Realtors Association Jim Dodson, Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation
3:30 2016 General Election: Issues, Messaging and Impact: Matt Larkin, Dittman Research Andrew Jensen, Alaska Journal of Commerce
4:00 Closing Remarks

From Alaska Headlamp TODAY

Tomorrow, October 6th, the day a majority of Alaskans will have roughly $1,000 deposited into their bank accounts, is also the day of the Alliance’s annual Industry Update Forum in Fairbanks.

The theme this year “Alaska in the Driver’s Seat: Destination Unknown” was chosen because it applies to the biggest issues facing our state; restructuring of the Permanent Fund, an Alaska LNG project, continued exploration for oil, continued production of oil, the size and scope of our government and many other critical issues.

With a relatively new administration taking a different turn on the road to resource development, we aren’t sure where we are headed.

The audience will hear from industry leaders about global LNG markets, a North Slope activity update, the exciting new find at Smith Bay by Caelus Energy Alaska, the status of the Donlin Gold project and many other topics.

Follow the highlights of the day on Twitter at #FAIForum2016

The opportunities for Alaska are endless, so long as we choose the right road and avoid the fate of Robert Frost:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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