We oppose a socialist Alaskan economy on this Veterans Day!


Dave Harbour

Alaska Governor Bill Walker. NGP File Photo by Dave Harbour

Below, readers will find yesterday’s statement from Governor Bill Walker that congratulates the Alaska State Senate on its passage of crime reform.   He goes on to criticise the Senate for adjourning without imposing more taxes on the private sector during 1)) a time of fiscal crisis, and 2) at a time when he is crafting a socialistic energy economy a la Venezuela (Read yesterday’s editorial.)

In the second part of the statement below, Walker says, “I am deeply saddened that the Senate has decided to again ignore Alaska’s fiscal crisis.”   The Senate has not ignored the state’s unsustainable economy, its current fiscal crisis!  Walker is really unhappy that the Senate refused to consider increased and new taxes on the private sector–including mining and/or energy sectors.  During the last regular session, the Senate republican leadership proposed reductions to the operating budget but the Governor’s allies — the democrat controlled House — refused to consider them.  To make matters worse, the House democrat leaders also refused to consider several hundred operating budget efficiency cuts proposed by its own republican minority.

We don’t remember reading a news release reflecting disappointment with the House leaders for not more carefully considering all budget efficiency suggestions from all legislators.

Accordingly, we do not give credence to the Governor’s faux “sadness” aimed at the Senate republicans.  It is clear he wishes to ignore the state’s fiscal crisis in lieu of working virtually full time to implement his socialist takeover of the infeasible Alaska North Slope gas monetization project and growth of an infeasible, government subsidized Fairbanks gas distribution system.

Both of those projects are anti-consumer and anti-taxpayer and contribute to a socialized economy strengthened by a network of crony capitalists who are increasingly becoming dependent on government subsidy.

It is especially foolhardy to ignore the lesson that Venezuela has given the sober, civilized world: a good way to kill a thriving free market is to 1) take control of energy projects (i.e. That’s where the money is) , and 2) make sure all of the contractors know they are now beholden to government and not the private sector, and 3) have energy projects owned and controlled by temporarily elected and appointed politicians and bureaucrats–all engaged in a fool’s errand.

That may be one way to build a socialist economy but it is the wrong way to lead “The Pioneering State” whose vast natural resource wealth so materially affects the economic future and national defense of the United States of America.

Governor Walker Issues Statement on Senate Bill 54 and Sine Die Adjournment

November 10, 2017 JUNEAU — Governor Bill Walker issued the following statement after the Alaska Senate concurred with House amendments to Senate Bill 54, and adjourned sine die:

“Senate Bill 54 gives meaningful tools back to law enforcement and judges to help keep Alaskans safe. However, our work on criminal justice is not yet over, and SB 54 as amended contains some issues that must be further addressed by the Legislature. My administration remains committed to working with the House and Senate to listen to concerns regarding public safety, and ensuring that Alaskans can feel safe in their homes and communities.

“I am deeply saddened that the Senate has decided to again ignore Alaska’s fiscal crisis.  After three years of inaction and $14 billion of lost savings, it is the responsibility of the legislature to work as hard as it can to reach agreements that stop this bleeding of public assets, and restore confidence to our economy.  Multiple downgrades from credit agencies and stern warnings from the legislature’s own staff emphasize the urgency of the action required.  We need a complete fiscal plan to support prosecutors and police, and to pay for some of the policy decisions made in this amended version of SB 54.  Alaskans need real progress on this issue.” –Governor Bill Walker

Here’s our pat on the back to all fellow veterans who have served and who still serve America within our communities!

Alaska’s Governor Is Moving Toward Increased Social Control Of His Citizens Via His Climate Change Model

This will be short.

  1.  We have shown that the International Climate Change movement is designed — not to help the environment, but — to “kill capitalism”.
  2. In Alaska’s case, we suggest to readers that “Climate Change” is not merely activity by yet another task force, but an effort to put increased limitations on natural resource development and funnel money — especially federal money — to favored constituencies.  As time goes on, our readers should: “follow the money” and “follow the Climate Change model as a way of accumulating power over political bodies and the economy.”  In short, if you build your community close to the coast in an area susceptible to extreme, winter, high tides, perhaps the “climate change” siren call screamed long enough and loud enough will convince politicians to give you OPM (i.e. Other People’s Money) so that you can build a brand new community for yourselves.

Reference: Governor’s Climate Change Webpage Here.  (Note: we are sorry to see the well respected Larry Hartig (Photo) actively leading this new effort to accumulate control over the natural resources of Alaska and attract dollars to favored constituencies.  Hartig has played balanced environmental roles in various administrations and we can only hope that in this current effort he is in a position — and has a desire — to control excessive activism.  -dh)