AIDEA approves sale of LNG plant to Fairbanks gas — IGU demands changes to Pentex deal  — AIDEA rules to keep on trucking to natural gas-starved Fairbanks — Pipe dream – Craig Medred

N.W.T. premier issues ‘red alert’ on ‘colonial’ attack on territory’s oil and gas future.  Premier Bob McLeod (NGP Photo by Dave Harbour) says it is offensive and patronizing for southern Canadians to tell northerners they can’t benefit from oil and gas development because it’s time to save the planet.

Our Friends at Resource Development Council for Alaska alert us that TODAY:

The U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on an ANWR drilling provision in a budget reconciliation bill that would allow limited oil and natural gas activity within the non-wilderness coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). The bill would require a simple 51 votes to pass or 50 votes with the Vice President casting the tie-breaking vote. Comments from Alaskans in the official committee record are vital and can make a difference.

The Committee has received hundreds of emails from “Alaskans” opposing the ANWR provision. The Committee needs to hear from the majority of Alaskans who support responsible oil and gas development on the Coastal Plain.  Please send a brief email supporting the ANWR provision to: first thing TODAY in order to be received prior to the hearing. The committee will accept testimony for inclusion into the record for an additional two weeks following the hearing, but it is urgent we all take action now.

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski. NGP photo by Dave Harbour

Please address your statement to: “Chairman Murkowski, Ranking Member Cantwell, and Members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.” Also, please send a copy to

Please reference: For Record of November 2, 2017 Hearing

For additional information on the hearing, please visit:

Points to consider in your comments:

  • Polls have consistently shown Alaskans overwhelmingly support responsible oil and gas development in the non-wilderness portion of ANWR.  There is no valid reason why we should not be allowed to access the world-class resources within just a tiny fraction of the coastal plain.
  • The proposed ANWR provision would allow development of no more than 2,000 acres of the 1.5 million acres of the Arctic coastal plain – part of the non-wilderness portion of ANWR’s 19 million acres. That is equivalent to just 0.01 percent of the entire refuge.
  • Responsible oil and gas development in this fraction of ANWR will help ensure America’s energy security for decades and allowAlaska – and our nation as a whole – to realize the benefits that come from expanding energy production in Alaska.
  • While renewable energy is a growing part of America’s energy portfolio, it is still projected to account for a minority of American energy production in 2040. New oil and gas production will be required to power America’s economy and can serve as a bridge until renewable energy becomes a dominant energy source decades into the future.
  • Energy production from ANWR has the potential to offset a decline in Lower 48 shale oil production, which is expected to commence in approximately a decade. Without limited oil development on the coastal plain, America will be forced to once again increase its reliance on foreign imports. With limited development in ANWR, America andAlaskacan continue to grow the economy and reduce dependence on foreign oil.
  • The U.S. Geological Survey estimates the 1002 Area is North America’s greatest prospect for conventional onshore oil production, with a mean likelihood of containing 10.4 billion barrels of oil and 8.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, as well as a reasonable chance of economically producing 16 billion barrels of oil.

  •     Alaska’s economic lifeline, the Trans-AlaskaOil Pipeline System (TAPS), is now running at three-quarters empty. New oil production from ANWR has the potential to reverse throughput in TAPS, a vital component of American energy infrastructure.
  •     Oil development on a fraction of the coastal plain would create thousands of jobs nationwide, generate billions of dollars in government revenue, keep energy prices for American consumers affordable, and further improve energy security for decades into the future.
  • Since the ANWR coastal plain is less than 60 miles from TAPS, development of energy resources there is one of the most environmentally-sound way to increase oil production inAlaska.
  • Thanks to continuing improvements in technology, practices, and oversight, the oil industry has demonstrated over the past 40 years that North Slope energy development and environmental stewardship can and do coexist. The industry has a proven track record of responsible development in sensitive areas, protecting the environment, wildlife and subsistence needs of local residents.


(See yesterday’s Must Read column on the China venture and our 10-30 column, “Danger Stranger”.

BLOOMBERG reported late yesterday, “China Metal Magnate Faces Reality Under Xi“. 

Commentary: This is is the story of one of the most important metals manufacturers in the world.  It has become too successful.  The government is forcing hundreds of lay-offs.  This is the kind of regime that President Trump and Governor Walker are dealing with.  It is a regime, along with North Korea, with which we are still at war since the Korean War only ended in an  ‘armistice’.  It is the regime that is still supporting North Korea.   It is the regime that threatens Taiwan and orders the U.S. military to stay away from its expropriated South China Sea artificial islands.  Because everything Americans buy at WalMart bear “Made in China” tags does not mean China has relaxed its goal of becoming the most powerful nation in the world.   Americans, including the current U.S. delegation should not be so enamored with selling the country LNG that it forgets the largest customer of an LNG project can control the project.  Fellow citizens should also bear in mind the kind of charisma and political control Xi has amassed in order to achieve as much power from the Communist Party as was given to Mao.  The power was given for a reason. 

Danger Stranger.  Forewarned is forearmed.  -dh