8-31-17 More On President’s Monument Review

Crises in Texas & Alaska (Please scroll down to PLF release below) Ryan Zinke, U.S. Department of Interior Secretary. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour Commentary:  We revere the work of Pacific Legal Foundation to protect our Nation's freedoms.  We particularly appreciate its efforts to protect the vulnerable freedoms of individual American families, small companies and the energy industries. The President and his Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke have undertaken the noble task of reviewing unilateral land access and land use blockades imposed by prior administrations as [...]

8-29-17 Guest Commentary On “The Opportunity Costs of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend”

This article analyzing the trade-offs involved with the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend was published in the Journal of Economics and Public Finance last week. The Opportunity Costs of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend by Roger Marks1* 1 Principal, Roger Marks Economics, Anchorage, Alaska * Roger Marks, E-mail: rmarks@rmeconomics.com Roger Marks, Senior Oil & Gas Economist. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbou Abstract The Alaska Permanent Fund was established by the State of Alaska in 1976 to save a portion of windfall revenues resulting from the [...]

8-28-17 Are companies ignoring history? We don’t think so, though they may be relying on hope that future investments will be safe.

"Those who ignore history...." Statoil, YPF to explore hydrocarbons in Argentina  Courtesy: PennEnergy We believe that companies investing in Alaska and Argentina today are not ignoring history.   Rather, such investment may display optimism for the policies supported by future elected leaders who, we all hope, have learned from history that punitive oil and gas policies repel investment into their economies.   Unfortunately, it may also signal that friendly and safe investor policies are rare throughout today's world.  In any case, we offer our best wishes to [...]

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8-25-17 Feds Now Helping Alaska

We continue to see signs the U.S. government is now improving policies that benefit Alaska natural resource development, national jobs, the national economy and national defense.  -dh U.S. transportation secretary announces efforts to speed up project development in Alaska U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, visiting Alaska for a two-day trip, announced measures on Thursday to streamline what she called the "burdensome"… Interior Secretary Zinke: National monuments stay but ‘some changes’ loom Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced Thursday he does not plan to eliminate any of the 27 national monuments the Trump administration placed [...]

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8-24-17 House Committee Supports Interior’s Monument Review — And, So Do We!

Chairman Rob Bishop Washington, D.C. – Today, Chairman Rob Bishop issued the following statement in reaction to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s final review of national monument designations under the Antiquities Act (Act): "I am encouraged by the recommendations to revise previous designations that were inconsistent with the law and outside the Act's size limitations. It is my hope that President Trump takes this opportunity to begin realigning uses of the law with its intended purpose. It’s also incumbent on Congress to pursue reforms to the Act that ensure it is being used to protect antiquities while [...]

8-23-17 Today’s Relevant Energy Links by Consumer Energy Alliance

TODAY'S RELEVANT ENERGY CLIPS, COURTESY: CONSUMER ENERGY ALLIANCE David Holt file photo by Dave Harbour, Northern Gas Pipelines The Dallas Morning News: Texas energy jobs and projects could start to flow again with renewed energy regulation panel.  A government-induced clog that's delayed billions of dollars in pipeline projects is about to get cleared. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission this month regained its voting quorum for the first time in half a year, allowing the panel to next month finally act on approval of critical matters that range from natural [...]

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8-21-17 Alaska LNG Project Subsists On Subsidies

Alaska's Government Gas Pipeline/LNG Project Still Treads Water We fear government owned/subsidized projects -- even wasteful or uneconomic ones -- produce support industry crony capitalists who become dependent on the client and supportive of socialist government benefactors and candidates for public office.  A misplaced fear?  You be the judge. by Dave Harbour In spite of low prices and unprecedented competition in the gas/LNG industry, Alaska's government subsidized North Slope gas monetization project continues to tread water, shall we say, "gasping for air". Alaska Governor Bill Walker. Northern Gas Pipelines [...]

8-21-17 This Week’s Relevant Energy Links

Oil & Gas News & Alaska LNG Updates by Larry Persily, Kenai Peninsula Borough Northern Gas Pipelines file photo, Larry Persily Oil and gas news briefs for Aug. 21, 2017 China boosts natural gas imports to keep up with growing demand (Bloomberg; Aug. 16) - Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government has beaten expectations in its drive to help clear the nation’s notoriously smoggy skies by burning less coal and oil in favor of cleaner natural gas. But that success may be too much, too soon. Gas consumption [...]

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8-17-17 Again, We’re Reminded Of Alaska-Canadian Gas Pipeline History + The Passing Of An Alaskan Dowager

Alaska's Dowager Statewide Paper Besieged by Creditors Public Domain Photo: Anchorage Daily Times, 6-3-1942. (Reminder: please scroll down for two more commentaries on Canadian / Alaska oil and gas issues and history....) In this case: dow·a·ger, ˈdouəjər/, noun.  Definition: a widow with a title or property derived from her late husband.  e.g. "the dowager duchess".  Informal, a dignified elderly woman.   Commentary:  Our "dowager" description of Alaska's successor statewide newspaper is descriptive, however flawed.  For the Anchorage Daily News (ADN), now the Alaska Dispatch News (ADN), did acquire the assets of Anchorage's legacy newspaper, the [...]


Photo courtesy Shell Oil Washington, D.C. – Today, House Committee on Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) and 118 additional Members of Congress sent a bipartisan letter to Secretary Zinke requesting the Department of the Interior to include consideration of all Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) lands in the development of a new National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program. “Just as today’s energy security is the result of production set in motion by decisions made years ago, the decisions on OCS leasing and development facing the Department [...]

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8-15-17 Today’s LNG World News Links

LNG World News • Synetics wins FSRUs surveillance services contract • Australia's July LNG exports jump above 5.4 million mt • First US LNG cargo on way to Lithuania • DOE: U.S. LNG exports reach 310.4 Bcf in H1 2017 • Cheniere in China LNG move • Chart, GFW launch LNG-diesel fueling truck • UK watchdog accepts Wood Group-AFW merger remedy • South Korea boosts July LNG imports • Q-Max Umm Slal heading for South Hook LNG terminal • Santos flags $690 mln impairment charge   [...]

8-14-17 Around The LNG World

Larry Persily, Kenai Peninsula Borough. Northern Gas Pipeline Photo by Dave Harbour Courtesy: Larry Persily, on behalf of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.  Persily is former Federal Coordinator of earlier-planned Alaska gas pipeline project.   (Also, reference yesterday's post.)   -dh Oil and gas news briefs for Aug. 14, 2017 LNG glut leads buyers to renegotiate deals, but it can’t last forever (Forbes columnist; Aug. 11) - Welcome to the largest, steepest, most prolonged drop in prices the liquefied natural gas industry has ever faced. Since the giddy [...]

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8-13-17 Alaska’s Socialist Gas Pipeline Project Moves Ahead In Spite Of Infeasibility

Tax exemption for AGDC Petroleum News As a political subdivision, AGDC will not be subject to federal income tax, the corporation said, and can issue tax-exempt debt. The expectation is that ... AGDC reports progress in attracting interest to gasline Alaskajournal.com Accordingly, AGDC has also set up a data room for potential customers to examine the technical design and environmental information on the project ...