Please reference: yesterday’s Crony Capitalist commentary

Yesterday we provided readers with a fairly detailed analysis of the Crony Capitalism that is inundating so much of the civilized world.  Liberal politicians and their constituencies of “true believing useful idiots” have already brought the great republics and democracies of the world very close to socialist dictatorship.

The commentary and links below just arrived in our mailbag today, the day after our Crony Capitalism commentary.

In yesterday’s piece, we carefully outlined how Cronyism is able to succeed because of its ability to convince a gullible public that as taxpayers and ratepayers they should subsidize an effort making millions of citizens into modern day indentured servants, beholding to the liberal taskmasters and their community organizers who have created a religion out of “Climate Change Activism.”  It is a religion of convenience in which even its creators do not believe (Note: Saul Alinsky’s Rule #7).

The indentured citizens are dependent on the crony capitalist cabal for their jobs and their families’ well being.  Thus, even the formerly free enterprise employed citizens begin in greater and greater numbers to vote for liberals, their benefactors.

You will see that the authors of the analysis/links below address many of the same techniques we identified, from Renewable Portfolio Standards to intolerant political correctness.

Encouraging us all to ‘think critically’ and ‘follow the money’, I remain



Searching for

climate honesty


CFACT’s Paul Driessen, like Diogenes of old, has taken up the search for honesty.

Unfortunately for him, he is searching among the climate and renewable energy crowd where honesty is scarce.

Driessen writes at “too many existing policies were devised by special interests seeking money and power (i.e. our BF) , and often using imaginary problems to justify their quest.”

If the climate and renewable crowd’s “alternatives are so wondrous,” Driessen asks, “why do they still need permanent mandates, renewable portfolio standards, investment tax credits, production tax credits, feed-in tariffs, myriad other subsidies, exemptions from endangered species and other regulations, and laws requiring that utility companies buy their electricity whenever it is produced (even if it is not needed)? Why must they build and run fossil fuel ‘backup’ power plants for the 50% to 85% of the time that wind and solar are not producing?”   (i.e. our BF) 

These are exactly the kind of questions Team Warming does not want asked, let alone answered, and exactly the kind of inquiry CFACT will not let them escape.

Read Driessen’s detailed analysis at

CFACT’s student leaders, another group of inconvenient questioners for the Green Left, interviewed people at Portland State on “Women’s Day.”  They didn’t find many open-minded tolerant attitudes among those they met, but what they did find, however, were people willing to toss those who disagreed with them in jail!  You can view the humorous but alarming CFACT Collegians video at

Climate and renewable campaigners present their own set of facts that don’t do well when compared to reality.  They live in constant fear of hard questions and straight facts being presented to them.  Worse, they are intolerant of those who dare question or correct them.

The more they protest, the more important it is to correct the record.

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director