Calgary Herald by Rebecca Penty.  National Chief Shawn Atleo said Thursday that oil and gas pipelines and other projects would have a better chance of garnering aboriginal support, and ending "conflict-filled" exchanges, if communities were involved in planning and not seen simply as stake-holders.

Shell Oil drilling rig off Seattle, credit LA TimesLA Times by Kim Murphy.  Amid the tangle of towering steel, heavy cranes and overcast skies of Seattle’s busy commercial shipyards, Shell Oil’s massive Kulluk drilling rig is preparing to push off for the Arctic Ocean.

Report: This week your publisher personally spoke with three of theRon Paul, Alaska Visit with wife Carol and Granddaughter Linda, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Ron Paul for President four republican presidential candidates and we will try to bring readers an audio record of those exchanges in our report tomorrow morning.  We are grateful to Consumer Energy Alliance for inviting all candidates (including Obama) to participate in the state-wide tele-town halls, with Gingrich and Santorum participating so far.   Meanwhile, here are takes on Ron Paul’s (NGP High-res Photo here)  visits to Fairbanks and Anchorage yesterday as he spoke of creating a more Alaska resource development-friendly federal goverment: ADN-AP by Dan Joling, Alaska Dispatch by Ben Anderson, News Miner by Jeff Richardson, KTUU by Abby Hancock, and Your Alaska Link.  -dh

Anchorage Daily Planet by Tom Brennan.  If the Legislature had any sense — a big ‘if’ — it would adopt all of Pedro van Meurs’ recommendations on oil taxes and go on to whatever is next on the agenda for the current session.

                      Anchorage Tea Party                 

                       Alaska   Coastal   Management


                    The Past, the Present & the Future

                 ??Federal, State or Regional Control??

The coastline of Alaska exceeds the combined  

          coastlines (including Hawaii )

                of all the other states

             6640 miles vs. 5839 miles

           Glen Gray: the Alaska Sea Party ACMP                                    


                 Bill Jeffers: the ACMP and HB 106

                              MONDAY, 5 MARCH

                                6:30PM – 8:30PM

                         Z. J. LOUSSAC  LIBRARY

                        WILDA MARSTON THEATER

                    3600 DENALI ST., ANCHORAGE 


     Anchorageteaparty.org  www.facebook.com/anchorageteaparty 

 The News Tribune: Alaska GOP presidential preference poll part of Super Tuesday **CEA mentioned in article** Twenty-four delegates are up for grabs in this week’s Republican presidential preference poll in Alaska. All four of the party’s major candidates — Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich — will be competing in a race Romney won four years ago. Only registered Republicans, or Alaskans who register as Republicans at the site, can participate in the poll. 

MSNBC: Super Tuesday: Get it over with **CEA mentioned in article** John Podhoretz has had just about enough of this Republican primary: “Maybe, just maybe, if Mitt Romney does well — by which I mean he wins or all but wins in Ohio and Tennessee, the two most important states to watch — we can get out of the political doldrums in which we have been trapped for months and months and months and . . . move on. This would come as a relief to me, and countless others like me, because, frankly, I can’t take much more of it.”

CNN Money: Gas prices hit $3.77 a gallon – The nationwide average for gasoline prices continued its march toward the $4 mark Monday, hovering at $3.77 a gallon, according to the motorist group AAA. The average price of regular unleaded gasoline climbed three-tenths of a cent in the latest 24-hour period, marking the 27th straight increase, AAA said.
The Houston Chronicle: Court denies eminent domain rehearing – The Texas Supreme Court’s refusal on Friday to rehear a pipeline case gives landowners the ability to challenge a pipeline company’s right to eminent domain, but has created uncertainty in the state’s booming oil and gas industry. The Beaumont-area case had drawn the attention of both private property advocates and the energy industry, which says the opinion could make it difficult to move product from the remote oil fields to coastal refineries.
E&E News: House panels explore budget requests for safety, permitting agencies – The Obama administration will send its two top offshore energy officials to Capitol Hill this week to defend budgets aimed at strengthening drilling safety and expanding offshore wind, among other goals. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Director Tommy Beaudreau and Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Director James Watson will each appear before House Appropriations and Natural Resources committee panels Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.
Politico: Dems urge ‘timeout’ before exports take off – The U.S. needs to plan for handling its abundant natural gas before the industry commits to exporting much of it, Democratic congressmen said Thursday. One concern, the Democrats said, is that the price of domestic gas is so low that it encourages employers to stay in the U.S. — a comparative advantage that could vanish if we export huge amounts of liquefied natural gas to other countries.

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