4-25-18 Why Is LNG Everywhere but Alaska? Is Alaska Morphing Into A Socialist State?

LNG Everywhere…

…but Alaska

LNG: Cheniere Energy Inc Top Competitors and Peers – Competition pattern of the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade  – Piped Gas vs. LNG: Competition May Be Heating UP | Pipeline & Gas …

LNG Canada EPC contract announcement expected soon

LNG Canada says it’s not in a position yet to confirm reports that a US$14 billion engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract has been awarded for the design and construction of its liquefied natural gas plant in Kitimat. According to Nikkei Asian Review, a Japanese business publication, …

As Cheniere Energy INC (LNG) Shares Rose, Shareholder Anchorage Capital Group LLC …

The United Kingdom-based Legal & General Grp Inc Public Limited Com has invested 0.04% in Cheniere Energy, Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN:LNG). State Of Alaska Department Of Revenue accumulated 19,185 shs. Somerset Gru has invested 0.82% in Cheniere Energy, Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN:LNG).

Questions of conscience

for Alaska


Dave Harbour

  1.  Why should a state in fiscal crisis spend time and money on socializing a gas export/LNG project that private industry believes is infeasible at this time?
  2. Why would independent citizens of the famed “Pioneering State” put their vast but remote natural gas reserves in the control of a coven of temporarily elected and appointed politicians and bureaucrats?
  3. Even if Alaska’s big government administration got out of the way and supported a private industry effort to expedite a gas export project, why would investors make the plunge when Alaska’s rogue taxing policies loom as a threat to any return on or even of their investment?
  4. Why don’t the good citizens of Alaska focus on developing a fiscal regime that respects investment, provides tax and regulatory stability and supports natural resource development?  (Answer: because in the past Republicans traded favors with Democrats as government entitlements grew.  Secondly, the state is now controlled by labor unions and their entitlement-driven democrat allies who two years ago voted in favor of making socialist Bernie Sanders president.)
  5. Do you think that for a successful gas export project, for a vibrant and sustainable economy, for controlled government growth and for the good of Alaska’s kids and future generations ALASKA SHOULD BECOME A PLACE WHERE A DEAL IS  DEAL?

Conclusion:  Sadly, Alaska is now sinking into a socialist morass.  The majority of citizens remaining in the state (i.e. following the recent and continuing exodus of thousands of jobless, private sector workers) depend on federal and state entitlement programs and are logically inclined to vote for politicians who will sustain those programs.  The good news is that oil and mining sectors are showing new signs of life while tourism and ocean industries are thriving.  The supportive Trump administration could even cause the resurgence of Alaska’s world class, SUSTAINABLE, timber industry, suffocated by Carter/Clinton/Obama laws/regulations.  A resurgence of private sector employees could support more prudent state and local government policies.  Could…. 

But those who currently control Alaska’s socialist-leaning state and local governments could mobilize national socialist and environmental armies to come to the rescue as reinforcements to destroy that economic resurgence.  For strong international coalitions are intent on killing capitalism in the name of economic and environmental “justice”. 

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References: Alaska Socialism

Alaska Senate Majority’s Fiscal Solution (Presentation .pdf)

Senate President Pete Kelly

Featuring Senators Mia Costello, Pete Kelly, and Peter Micciche
Thursday, March 30, 2017
Egan Center • Anchorage

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Aug 10, 2017 – The Socialists‘ paradise is nigh … Public employee unions are one election away from complete control of the State, and they almost pulled it off in the last election. Gov. Bill Walker … This line of attack only applies to the State and not even to all State employees though it applies to the vast majority of them.

APM: Kelly has described this session as reflecting a battle between capitalism and socialism.

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Jan 11, 2018 – In many ways, socialists in the early 21st century stand just about where they were in the early 20th century: politically marginalized, but leveling an …. Funded by oil revenue, Alaska’s wealth fund has about $55 billion in assets, and pays out a yearly dividend to every Alaskanin 2016 the figure was $1,022.

8-13-17 Alaska’s Socialist Gas Pipeline Project Moves Ahead In Spite …

Aug 14, 2017 – Dave Harbour, publisher of Northern Gas Pipelines, is a former Chairman of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, a Commissioner Emeritus of NARUC, NARUC’s Official Representative to IOGCC and Vice Chairman of NARUC’s Gas Committee. He served as Gas Committee Chairman of the Western …

November 2, 2017: A New Look at North Slope Oil and Gas Potential, David Houseknecht, Project Chief, Energy Resources Program for Alaska, U.S. Geological Survey
Breakfast Packet (pdf) • PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

October 5, 2017: Pebble – A New Path Forward, Tom Collier, President & CEO, Pebble Partnership
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Should Alaskans be, “following the money”?

  1.  The President of the Alaska Gasline Development Authority is the most highly paid employee of the State of Alaska.  He is the former president of Cheniere Energy, Inc..  Why has the Alaska Department of Revenue accrued ownership in Cheniere Energy, Inc.?
  2. People — Keith Meyer | 2016-06-10 | Natural Gas Intelligence. Jun 10, 2016 – Meyer was previously president of Cheniere LNG.  –  

    New head of AKLNG calls for bigger Alaska role in gas line project …  Jun 23, 2016 – Keith Meyer said the state can have a large ownership stake without having a large investment in the project. … Meyer, who will will earn an annual base salary of $550,000 a year, cites his experience at Cheniere LNG as an example of how a small company can build a big LNG project.  – More smokin’ hot AGDC documents – Must Read Alaska – Uh-oh: LNG heading for China from Louisiana – Must Read Alaska – Keith Meyer: Executive Profile & Biography – Bloomberg – Asia Fresh News | Asia Fresh Stories | Page 223

  3. Trump invites top CEOs to banquet with China’s leaders | Daily Mail … – California First: November 2017 – Something Old, Something New: $250 Billion in U.S.-China Deals Don …

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  1. Ed April 27, 2018 at 7:09 pm - Reply

    Want to see the end product of socialism and state controlled resources?……check Venezuela, the socialist “utopia”. How did that work out? Venezuelans are flooding into Colombia and Ecuador by the thousands. Maybe the same thing can happen in Alaska. Canada is always open to immigrants.

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Dave Harbour, publisher of Northern Gas Pipelines, is a former Chairman of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, a Commissioner Emeritus of NARUC, NARUC's Official Representative to IOGCC and Vice Chairman of NARUC's Gas Committee. He served as Gas Committee Chairman of the Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners. He also served as commissioner of the Anchorage Bicentennial Commission and the Anchorage Heritage Land Bank Commission.He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree: English, at Colorado State University, a Master of Science Degree: Communications-Journalism at Murray State University and graduated from Utility Regulatory School for Commissioners at Michigan State University. He served as a Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs at Alaska Pacific University, taught bank marketing classes at the University of Alaska and was an English teacher at Los Alamos High School.Harbour served in ranks of Private - Captain during a 4-year assignment with the Army in Korea, Idaho, Georgia and Fort Meade and received the Meritorious Service Medal among other commendations.Harbour is also a past Chairman of the Alaska Council on Economic Education, the Alaska Oil & Gas Association Government Affairs Committee, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, the Export Council of Alaska and the Department of Commerce's District Export Council. He is a past President of the Alaska Press Club, American Bald Eagle Foundation, Consumer Energy Alliance-Alaska and Common Sense for Alaska.Harbour was instrumental in founding the American Bald Eagle Research Institute (UAS), the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, the Downtown Anchorage Business Partnership, and Arctic Power.He also served as CEO of several small Alaska organizations, including the Anchorage Parking Authority and Action Security, Inc. Harbour is also Chairman Emeritus of the Alaska Oil & Gas Congress.Harbour's wife, Nancy, is a professional, performing arts administrator and his three boys, Todd, Benjamin and William work in the fields of environmental management, energy marketing and medicine.
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