Canadian liberals and their pro-anarchy, anti-pipeline, enviro-activist allies caused the death or delay of multiple pipeline modes capable of marketing Canadian oil & gas.  Now, with the economy crashing, liberals are positioning themselves as energy transportation saviors.  What Chutzpah!  -dh

Justin Trudeau defends his support for oilsands and pipelines during Fort McMurray visit.  “For 10 years Stephen Harper talked the oilsands up and weren’t able to get [pipelines] done.” Trudeau said he looked forward to sitting down with industry leaders later Friday to hear more about how the Liberal government can improve oil and gas regulations. Later in the day he was scheduled to meet …

We hope most Canadians recognize the liberal hypocracy and begin to elect leaders that will support the economy and realize that energy and mining wealth production provide the very foundation of Canada’s economy.  Taxing and regulating it to death may appease Canadian liberals in the short term, but as time passes the majority of Canadians who love free enterprise, honest job creation and prosperity for their children will surely RISE UP!  -dh

Varcoe: As Trudeau tours oilsands, CEO unloads on carbon tax and other obstacles.  Calgary Herald.  A few hours before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau toured Canada’s newest oilsands mine, the head of Athabasca Oil Corp. took centre stage at Calgary’s Metropolitan Conference Centre. At the annual meeting Friday of the intermediate oilsands producer, CEO Rob Broen faced several questions from …

Message is clear: Merge or face extinction, BMO tells Canadian energy industry.  Calgary Herald.  Investors have bailed on the Canadian energy sector, although mergers & acquisitions north of the border could provide a much needed catalyst, barring pipeline and political developments. Raymond James recently called upon John Connor to help save the space, and BMO Capital Markets is now …

Morton: Equalization payments have always been about keeping Quebec happy.  Calgary Herald.  The equalization program began in 1957 as “an attempt to break the recent fiscal and institutional isolation of Quebec.” John Kenney, Postmedia … Ted Morton is an executive fellow at the Calgary School of Public Policy and a senior fellow at the Manning Foundation. Go to: to …

Alaska & Canada Can Learn From Each Other.

In both energy production areas, liberals/socialists/enviro-activists have focused tremendous resources on creating regulatory and tax obstacles thwarting energy wealth production.

In Alaska, the most heavily socialized American state, liberal legislators during the last decade (i.e. and a, currently, socialist-leaning governor) have continuously sought to raise taxes and increase industry control.

Instead of confronting several recent years of low oil prices (i.e. and tax revenue) with dramatic/reasonable reductions in the operating budget, they have spent their savings to subsidize an unsustainably huge budget.  Their goal has been to keep government whole at the expense of the private sector, principally the oil industry.

Meanwhile, they lust over the Marxist goal of controlling the means of production.  In this case, they have created a politician and bureaucrat owned and controlled North Slope gas pipeline/LNG project called the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation.  For bonding purposes they refer to it as an “independent” entity, but they stack its board with the Governor’s yes men, influence the hiring of its executives and indirectly control its policies.  They are also engaged in creating a natural gas distribution facility in Fairbanks that is controlled by the Government approved executives who will coordinate utility rates and services with the local municipal government.

Across the border, the NEB put a nail in the coffin of the Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline by attaching so many conditions to its construction that costs became excessive at a time when the fracking phenomenon was providing significant new competition any Arctic natural gas delivery system.  The conservative national and Alberta governments were replaced in recent years — with socialist leaders who, in concert with other like-minded provincial leaders, began efforts to block oil and gas pipeline projects.  (Oil and gas pipelines require production of oil & gas which contribute to global warming, you know.)

So now, the chickens have come home to roost.  There is insufficient pipeline capacity to move Canadian resources.  In Alaska, foolish, socialist leaders are banking on honestly brokering their gas via long term contracts to — of all places — China.  They either forget or ignore that China and North Korea are allies still technically at war with the United Nations, including the U.S. and Canada.  They forget that China cheats and is not good for much more than purchases of Alaska’s commercial seafood fishery.  They forget about the South and East China Sea, and Formosa, intellectual property theft and unfair tariff/trade practices.  And, they ignore the fact that Alaska’s major oil companies withdrew from AGDC stating that, “the time is not right” for that project.

Meanwhile Alaska still faces a financial crisis caused by 1) overspending and 2) low oil prices and 3) static to lower Alaska North Slope production.  Canada’s leaders are recently recognizing the err of their energy policy ways.

Nero, soon after Christ’s death, probably realized the error of his dictatorial, and some might say, “socialist” ways when, finally, after leaving behind a legacy of death and destruction, he committed suicide.

It’s wiser to learn from history than learn the hard way, again and again, as Venezuela is finding, along with so many other socialist leaders more attracted to personal power and central control than to citizen prosperity and free enterprise.