Your publisher has always had a deep appreciation for Marc Bond, his dedication to Alaska and his professional abilities.  We, along with Easy Gilbreth, as I remember, were the three co-signers of the Articles of Incorporation of the ANWR non-profit corporation, Arctic Power.  If memory serves, our former Lieutenant Governor and current RCA Commissioner, Steve McAlpine, served as the first, or one of the first, Arctic Power presidents.   So, it is always a pleasure to hear from, read about or review the writing of such valued, old friends.  We would only add to Marc’s commentary below, that the fossil fuel industry is the very foundation of North American economies and prosperity.  Without the freedom to responsibly explore, produce, transport, refine, distribute and manufacture oil and gas, the wealth of this nation would be compromised along with national security and the future of our children.  Just consider how despotic leaders in Venezuela, Argentina, Iraq and Iran have manipulated the wealth of oil & gas into control of the people.  Accordingly, Marc’s call for appreciating the dangers our country faces especially affects the energy industry and all that it benefits — which as we show above, is virtually everyone.  And, nowhere is a people more dependent on oil & gas than Alaska, whose democrat citizens last year voted to have a socialist represent them in the primary election for U.S. President.  Therefore, we posit that the energy industry should be at the forefront of defending freedom against the social erosions seeking to diminish it   (Jeremiah 5:21 ‘Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people, Who have eyes but do not see; Who have ears but do not hear.)       -dh

America’s Unappreciated Dangers


Marc Bond

Dennis Prager file photo

I don’t believe that enough Americans understand we are in a pitched battle for our country and culture.  Dennis Prager is very clear about this, see here and here.

Yes, such strife is a scary thing to contemplate, and for that reason, it is easier to deny it.  But this Civil War has been brought to us during the last five decades by those who do not revere the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as the most liberating documents in human history, and they want to “fundamentally transform” our society.

See this 2016 commentary about President Obama’s 2009 declaration by Victor Davis Hanson: “President Obama, ever since he first appeared on the national political scene in 2008, has systematically adopted a rhetoric and an agenda that is predicated on dividing up the country according to tribal grievances, in hopes of recalibrating various factions into a majority grievance culture.

In large part, Obama has succeeded politically. But in doing so he has nearly torn the country apart. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to suggest that no other recent president has offered such a level of polarizing and divisive racial bombast.”

So, we either understand this Civil War and how to combat it, or we surrender to the progressives.  Make your choice. – Marc

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