Alaska Public Media re: Alaska Considering Full Ownership Of Energy Project

Bill Walker by Dave Harbour - 8-22-10 022 8-22-2010 6-19-12 PM 8-22-2010 8-00-34 PMGov. Bill Walker’s administration is considering major changes to the Alaska LNG project, the effort to build a massive natural gas pipeline from the North Slope.

State officials said today the administration is considering increasing Alaska’s stake in the project — or even taking over ownership completely.

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Keith Meyer started work as president of the state-owned Alaska Gasline Development Corporation last week. In an interview today, he said if the state increases its ownership, it would look for outside investors to fund the project.

“So this is significantly different from the way it was done

[to date],” Meyer said. “However, it’s very similar to the way that most of the pipelines in the U.S. have been built, and also the way most of the LNG facilities now have been built.”

Both Meyer and Marty Rutherford, the acting commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, said Tuesday that the state is….   Read more here.