Reaping the Rewards of Our Actions


Dave Harbour

Of course the likes of Elon Musk will try to stop President Trump from draining his swamp…and opposes Trump’s Paris Climate Change withdrawal.

We have long thought Musk to be a business genius but we will not mourn his withdrawal as one of the President’s technology advisors.  For while launching his career into greatness with a series of inventions and successful business ventures, some of his current investment depends on taxpayer and ratepayer support.

Thus, his current enterprises — brilliantly conceived as they were and are — are not all free enterprises.

Musk wanted President Trump to carry on Obama’s climate change policy, which we demonstrated yesterday and many times over the last 18 months to be a HOAX.   Had Trump continued Obama’s initiative against fossil fuel and for croney alternatives using the “climate change” alibi, subsidy businesses like Musk’s solar/electrical ventures have benefitted–at ratepayer/taxpayer expense.

Various subsidy programs have accelerated the transfer of wealth from working Americans and converted many millions of traditional businesses into crony capitalistic enterprises.  All of these look attractive, from a politician’s perspective.

But this crony capitalism has corrupted America from within in many ways and threatened the future of our children.

Here are just a few ways the cancer of croney capitalism continues to spread:

  1.  Telecommunication corruption.    Lifeline program.  Try as regulators can, it is virtually impossible to enforce the proper use of “free obama telephones”.  Were the program limited to one landlines per truly needy home and not to ubiquitous cell phones it would be easier to regulate and properly enforce.  But since telephone companies are paid the “cost of service” for the “Obama Phones” by those of us who pay Universal Service fees on our telephone bills, it is another way of transferring wealth.  In the process telephone companies and suppliers benefit from the system as do the recipients.  We suspect that by the time an Alaska person in some “poverty” category adds up the “stuff” transferred to him/her by others, many “poverty” category persons could be, in effect, making the same income as those from whom the wealth has been extracted.  This process makes it likely that corporate cronies and phone beneficiaries and suppliers alike will be major constituencies of elected officials who pledge to keep the redistribution pledge: and now, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has cut the rate of his “Prime” membership to those who receive food stamps.  It’s a brilliant strategy, for if his growing food business attracts food stampers away from Walmart, his brick and mortar competition will diminish.  With less major competition he’ll find it easier to increase prices on his other, non-food stamp customers.  Brilliant…but perhaps not
  2. Subsidies for purchase of certain ‘alternative energy’ products from electric “smart meters” to wind generators to solar water heating and electricity gathering equipment have created an enormous subculture of dependency on politicians who pledge to keep redistributing money from taxpayers to subsidy beneficiaries.  The categories of beneficiaries are vast, flowing from manufacturers (i.e. why did GE’s CEO, a manufacturer of wind generators) oppose President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord treaty/agreement?)  Other categories include hundreds of thousands of manufacturer suppliers, customers and public officials who receive contributions from the vast array of croney capitalists.  In addition, to the extent that taxpayers are deprived of this subsidy taxation, they do not spend their money on markets they would otherwise choose to support, creating ‘free enterprise’ jobs not dependent on subsidies provided by politicians supported by contributions provided by beneficiaries of their largess…enabled by other people’s money.  One more thing to consider, dear readers, if a country has created tens of trillions of dollars of debt and unfunded liabilities, every cent spent by crooked politicians to prop up croney, subsidized businesses who pay the politicians with contributions is ultimately a burden imposed on our children.  So crony capitalism is also–perhaps primarily–about the criminal abuse of power against young people who cannot vote.  In the legal world, this is referred to as “intergenerational inequity”; it may not in all cases by illegal but it is certainly immoral and guilty parties include all liberal and conservative decision makers — and their voting constituents — who allow this massive fraud to continue.
  3. Climate Change Strategies.  Repeat the ‘sky is falling’ long and often enough and you can probably convince voters to let you NECESSARILY INCREASE THE COST OF UTILITIES, that eliminates the cheaper (and today’s clean) coal mining and power producing industries.  This also puts free enterprise workers (voters) out of a job, increases bureaucratic voters.  It destroys free enterprise communities and families and shifts ratepayer utility payments to alternative energy croney capitalists who financially support the politicians who eliminated the competition for them and provides them with subsidies paid for by today’s taxpayers and the future generation expected to pay for the debts we are passing down to them.

Frankly, does our gentle reader recognize what the United States is becoming?  And it all revolves around the principle, “follow the money”.

You know, greed is good if it is confined to the faithful constraints contained in the Constitution.  But greed has made elected officials rich at the people’s and our children’s expense.  And politicians have done so much more than the Constitution permits the national government to do.

It starts with us.  We want a road for our neighborhood.  The politician across town gives his vote for our road if our politician gives him a vote for his brand new social welfare entitlement program.  Multiply that transaction by millions per week throughout local, state and federal governments nationwide and you get exactly what we are passing on to our kids.

I’m not proud of that.  I fight against it, as with this commentary.

But it’s only enough if we all weigh in.

Will we?

Either way, we will reap the rewards of what we have sown.

We believe we do not have long to wait for what threatens to be a bitter harvest.