Find Our Old, First-edition, Pre-2009 Archives Here

Publisher’s note:  Prior to this year-old page created with WordPress (in early 2016), we used another Northern Gas Pipelines (NGP) web format called Drupal begun in 2008.  Before that we created NGP as the Internet and its web capabilities were being pioneered, with an old and now discontinued Microsoft product called Front Page.  

You will find a few lost links in the Drupal product which we imported into WordPress, but most of the content is preserved in the archives here at

We were unable to import the older Front Page material.  So we kept the old pages attached to their old web domain name,  There you will find the old archives just as we left them when we upgraded to Drupal, and now to WordPress.

Thank you for supporting our efforts, now approaching two decades of northern energy material including news, commentary, maps, presentations and photography.   

Why have we done this?  We’ve done our best to construct an oasis of reliable northern energy reference material useful to journalists, government and company decision makers, historians, educators, students and others who believe that we can, indeed, learn from history.  

And, we’ve always encouraged readers to correct our facts or supplement them.  After receiving viable reader recommendations, we’ve moved quickly to revise the archives accordingly.

While we’ve been disappointed that public officials and a certain cohort of special interests in Alaska, Canada and the Lower 48 has defied history and, thus, been condemned to repeat some of its mistakes, for us it is worth the effort.  

After all, while hope is not a strategy, it does spring eternal and our continuing hope is that our work in some small way contributes to a better future for our children.

Dave Harbour, Publisher, 1-26-17


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