Oil Tax Reform: Michael Sean Parnell, Alaska Governor, Oil Taxes, ACES, reform, Photo by Dave HarbourSoukup of Governor Sean Parnell's (NGP Photo) office tells us that, "Alaskans are continuing to speak up about the new opportunities being created as a result of the More Alaska Production Act."

James McMilon of Teamsters Local 959 in Fairbanks spoke recently about the opportunities he’s seeing and what the MAP Act means to his organization. 

Go here for a number of testimonials from grass roots citizens discussing the effect of oil tax reform on their own jobs and hopes for the future.  -dh

North Slope Borough Mayor Charlotte Brower Supports Oil Tax Reform and Invests In Oil Infrastructure

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Earlier this week, Alaska North Charlotte Brower, North Slope Borough, Mayor, SB 21, Water and Sewer Treatment Plant, Arctic, Photo by Dave HarbourSlope Borough Mayor Charlotte Brower (NGP Photo) sent letters to Governor Sean Parnell and Commissioner Dan Sullivan (NGP Dan Sullivan, Alaska, AG, Commissioner of Natural Resources, North Slope Borough, water and wastewater sewer treatment, SB 21, Photo by Dave HarbourPhoto) expressing pleasure, "…with the actions undertaken by …Governor Parnell and the Alaska Legislature as it relates to SB 21."  

SB 21 is the "More Alaska Production Act" supported by Parnell and a majority of Legislators to make Alaska more competitively attractive for oil and gas investors.  (See this week's commentary on 'Responsibility' which addresses this issue in more detail).

"The North Slope Borough recognizes that the tax relief provided under SB 21 relieves some of the obstacles experienced by the oil and gas industry," Brower wrote, "but the limitation of quality basic utility services could also inhibit projects from moving forward."

She then described her plan for a new $90 million water and sewer treatment facility and a new landfill system, "…to meet the current and future needs of industry."

The letter concludes by inviting Parnell, Sullivan and other dignitaries to a groundbreaking ceremony on September 4, 1 p.m.

Here is a .pdf which includes an image of the old facility, due to be replaced, along with a brief description of the contractors and plans for the new facility.  -dh