Slow-motion showdown continues on banks of Shubenacadie River  But the company has said it may need as many as 15 caverns, which would be linked to the nearby Maritimes and Northeast natural gas pipeline….

Fraser Institute 

 Suddenly, carbon taxes look less inevitable  (Appeared in the Edmonton Sun) by Kenneth P. Green 
  Manitoba’s premier says the $50 federal carbon price would endanger his province’s economy.

Ontario should cancel existing contracts with renewable energy—not just future contracts
(Appeared in the National Newswatch) by Elmira Aliakbari, and Ashley Stedman 
The Green Energy Act provided long-term guaranteed contracts to renewable energy generators at above market rates.


Alaska LNG

Credit: The Daily Sheeple

Our Commentary:  On the one hand, Alaska’s Governor pretends to be pro-Trump, pro-infrastructure, pro-jobs, pro-energy.

He forwards his message by touting his to date infeasible, government-owned, bureaucrat-run LNG scheme in Washington. 

On the other hand, he supports a Climate Change Policy that would totally destroy Alaska’s economy by converting it into a crony-capitalist, Gordian knotted, regulatory state controlled by enviro-activists and rural sovereignty advocates.  To the federal government we say when considering Alaskan government pleas for support: follow the money, the rise of enviro-activism and the potential fall of capitalism in the formerly great, pioneering state, “the last frontier”.   (See news below.)

More on the State’s impending Climate Change tragedy tomorrow.  -dh

As trade war escalates, AGDC and Gov. Walker minimize threat to state’s LNG project  Alaska Public Radio Network  Alaska’s Gasline development Corporation and Gov. Bill Walker’s administration are minimizing the potential impact of a tariff on the state’s liquefied …

  Walker, Alaska gas line officials unfazed by China’s tariff threat on LNG – Anchorage Daily News Alaska LNG in jeopardy? China unveils list of retaliatory tariffs on $60B of US goods –

Alaska reacts as China announces retaliatory tariffs on LNG  Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman  In separate statements Walker and AGDC officials said they expect the U.S.-China trade disputes to be settled and that the exports of U.S. energy to …