Breakfast Meeting: March 5, 2020 Progress on Pebble’s Permitting Featuring: Tom Collier, CEO, Pebble Partnership Breakfast Meeting: March 5, 2020 Progress on Pebble’s Permitting Featuring: Tom Collier, CEO, Pebble Partnership Slide Pack Presentation RDC Breakfast 3/5/2020 featuring: Tom Collier from Resource Development Council on Vimeo. Presentation

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2-13-2020 Pebble Area Native Leaders Push Back Against Tribal Critics

Thanks to Must Read Alaska for this important Pebble Mine perspective! ...“The fact that our colleagues in the indigenous community would take an action against us without consultation is particularly disappointing. We have been engaged in the Pebble issue for nearly fifteen years. We have concerns about a mine near our communities, yet we also have concerns about the significant lack of economic opportunity for our people. We have put up with so-called regional and tribal organizations that tell the world that they speak with a united voice on [...]

1-23-14 – Rule of Law Comment From “On the Road” Washington D.C.

A Pebble Tossed In The Pond... ...does it simply produce ripples--or a tsunami threatening to ruin the rule of law? by Dave Harbour Ibrahim was the Lebanese cab driver who picked my son and me up at Washington's Reagan International Airport yesterday and gifted us with his view of America. We now see that U.S.. Senator Mark Begich (NGP Photo) has decided to oppose due process and the rule of law. We have not criticized Begich or anyone else for not personally supporting a particular natural resource project. We do find it [...]

8-23-11 NOAA Chief Visits Alaska “Colony”

BING Definition of Colony: "country ruled by another: a country or area that is ruled by another country".  Alaska has 20% of America's land mass and 3/4 of her coastline.  Most of it is under federal government control.  Alaska has most of America's federally restricted lands.  Less than 2% of Alaska is owned privately, other than by Alaska Native Regional Corporations.  Yet, federal policies also impose restrictions on activity within state, private and Native lands.  Most of America's future domestic energy and strategic minerals could come from Alaska rather than from [...]

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